Jessica Chastain has legs at the premiere of The Good Nurse

  • Jessica Chastain She showed off her long and strong legs in a white mini dress and black heels at the movie screening The good nurse this week.
  • The 45-year-old actress enjoys working out with her grandmother and says the exercise helps her gain self-confidence and pride.
  • Jessica listens to her body and follows vegan diet Because she feels it gives her more energy.

Jessica Chastain And her husband, Gian Luca Passi de Preposolo, strolled through midtown Manhattan in style last night, and there are glamorous celebrity-watching photos to prove it. The 45-year-old actress showed off her fully sculpted legs in a white mini dress that she paired with elegant black heels. The event in question? Big show in New York for her new movie, The good nurse.

While the movie premiered in the world in September, it is now broadcasting in select theaters in the United States before hitting Netflix on October 26. Get your popcorn, because this movie looks intense. And Jessica seems to know how to show off her new project, because she’s as strong as ever at the show party.

Jessica Chastain and her husband on the streets of New York.

Raymond Hall//Getty Images

Here’s another shot of those strong legs:

Netflix "good nurse" New York Check

Jessica Chastain in The good nurse Checked in New York City.

Taylor Hill//Getty Images

When celebrities aren’t turning New York City’s sidewalks into their catwalks or collecting Academy Award nominations for their brilliant on-screen performances, they’re focused on making her body feel its best.

Jessica has described her Torch’d workouts by Isaac Boots as “the same mind,” especially during the height of the pandemic. I told appearance In 2021 she will perform rehearsals every morning alongside her grandmother. “It really helped me be in charge,” she added. Excuse me!

Jessica Still enjoying Torch’d sessions and will merge Online Power Yoga Classes in her fitness routine. “It helps me clear my mind,” she said.

In addition to strengthening her epic leg muscles, Jessica also looks forward to an exercise routine to strengthen them Psychological health. “Working gives me confidence,” she said. “It’s a sense of pride in myself.” appearance. “The starting point for a workout has always been hard for me – finding the time and quiet space and feeling like I have a million other things I need to do. But once I’m done, I immediately I feel like a superhero. “Now, that’s a feeling you can count on.

Jessica also explained how the challenge of strenuous exercise contributes to her motivated and dedicated personality. “It’s also a reminder – especially when you’re in a yoga pose or wooden plank holdAnd you shiver and think, I can’t do that! – And frankly, you can override anything,” she said.

She told Jessica that when it comes to focusing her body and mind appearance She enjoys starting her week in a “quiet place, listening to what’s on my mind. It feels like giving myself a moment to be clear and allow my body to reset.”

Jessica also said WSJ . magazine She starts every morning with a milk tea with soy milk and a little espresso. “It’s an everyday thing.”

a look In that smile!

actress vegetarianin 2018 W magazine an interview. However, she did not initially intend to follow the diet. A friend of mine has been vegan for two weeks food delivery program She wasn’t going to use it, so I used it, and immediately had more energy than I’ve ever had in my life,” she explained. “Being vegan wasn’t something I ever wanted to be. I was just listening to what my body was telling me.” Very wise.

BRB, keep my eyes peeled for Jessica on the streets of NYC.

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