Jay-Z Pockets $7.2 Million, Parlux Pays Up End Perfume Saga


Jay Z

He gets a $7.2 million payment!!!

Parlux Perfume Saga closes

Jay Z At least $7 million richer than he was a day ago, and the money means he can finally put a legal battle that has lasted more than 7 years behind him.

TMZ Hip Hop Note that Paralux Fragrances sent $7,259,061.31 to Jay’s team on Wednesday — that’s what the company owes him after losing his lawsuit. footback in January 2016, claiming that the mogul had not lived up to promotional commitments for Jay-Z’s Gold cologne.

As we reported, a jury She ruled in favor of Jay Over a year ago, but Parlux filed an appeal… which he lost last week. As a result, the company was on the hook for the court-ordered sum of $6.8 million plus interest.

Here’s a little perspective on how long Parlux’s fight has been going on — when the lawsuit was filed, Jay-Z was worth about $610 million, according to Forbes. Seven years later, that has more than quadrupled!!!

While $7 would be like hitting the lottery for most of us, it’s a drop in the bucket for someone as successful as Jay.

TMZ broke the story…he f Beyonce I just paid $200 million – in cash, no less – for… New Malibu mansion. It is the most expensive real estate deal in California history, and the second largest in US history, and on top of that, they also have a $100 million Bel-Air home.

So, when all is said and done, $7.2 million should cover severe L.A. County property taxes… for about a year.

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