Jay Visut can't hold on. Breaking a new record in the high, hot and trending rankings

The story moves so quickly that you really only need to blink an eye. pure heart One of the drama series Heart of Deva Brahma On Channel 3, it was a week that healed viewers' hearts a little. With the running time of the crimping machine No Fook (Umm Issa) style Khun Chak (Tessa Myron) We had to call a meeting to bring the Gang of 5 Gothathep Monkeys together and perform the duties of the Heart. Make people feel embarrassed around the house. Teacher Jack (Job Touchfon) Many people consider him an angelic father who holds his hand through the obstacles of love with a young model of high society. Annie (Lingling Kong) Which was very well received on social media and until this week there was an overwhelming response. It spread on social media until it became a trend. X#pure heartPeople's Army12-13 He took over as the No. 1 champion in Thailand

pure heart Ratings continue to rise People are watching.

It was a week full of happiness that left the spectators in the rows smiling. The thunderous force arrivesJayvisot classification EP 11 which swept the country's top ratings. 3.1 Bangkok crowd arrives 4.8 In group 15 BU+ (Bangkok and Urban) you can do this in 4.3 EP 12 Bangkok viewers did just that. 4.2 In the group went 15 BU+ (Bangkok and Urban). 3.8 And EP 13 among Bangkok viewers were able to get it. 3.8 Group 15 BU+ (Bangkok and Urban) can do this in 3.3 Ensuring the attractiveness of Queen Khem Vaprathan Myron's sermon And Umm Issa In fact, in the beautiful love scene between them that has every flavour, sweet, sad mixed with tears, action and emotional scenes Annie (Lingling Kong) And Teacher Jack (Job Touchfon) Which attracts the attention of the audience with its attractiveness and magnificence.

Jay Visot-Jay Visot classification

Will there be any further obstacles in this couple's love story? And the joy of Euthythebes who proceeded to enter the palace of Thepharum to follow the story of M. L. Wiliramba. What conclusion will be reached next? Follow the intensity in the drama group. Duangjai Thevaphrom, The Story of the Pure Heart Every Friday – Sunday at 8:20 pm on Channel 3. To watch TV, press 33. To watch on mobile, press 3Plus.

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