Japan: Monkey captured and killed after series of macaque attacks


JapanAfter a series of macaque attacks, the monkey was captured and killed

However, this capture does not guarantee the end of the problem. Other attacks have already been reported. Other people in the group are aggressive.




Local authorities battling stray macaques that have attacked and injured about 50 people in western Japan said Wednesday they had captured and killed one of the nuisance monkeys.

The animal, a roughly four-year-old male about 50 cm tall, was caught with a tranquilizer dart by a special sniper while roaming the playground of a high school in the city of Yamaguchi. He was killed after being identified as the perpetrator of one of the attacks, a local agricultural office official told AFP. His death does not guarantee the end of the problem, as many aggressive monkeys are still on the run. A total of 49 attacks have been recorded so far. “Witnesses describe monkeys of varying sizes. Even after this capture, new attacks were reported to us,” explained the official.

Since early July, these attacks, mainly scratches and light bites, have been making headlines in the Japanese press. Macaques are very common in Japan and sometimes cause problems by breaking into houses or destroying crops. But this type of aggressive behavior is rare. Residents of Yamaguchi told local media that they no longer go out without carrying umbrellas and umbrellas to protect themselves in case of a monkey attack.


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