Japan is blocking the “Mount Fuji” check-in points again and pointing out the photo spot from another angle for beautiful photos.

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Japan sets up barriers at check-in points on another “Mount Fuji” in the city of Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture. Pointing out where the photos were taken from another angle to get beautiful photos as souvenirs.

Japan still needs to solve the problem of the overflow of tourists. To the point of disrupting the well-being of communities in tourist attractions. Recently, it is the turn of the people of Shizuoka Prefecture. One area that has a pointMount Fuji The Most exciting

Then came the day when the people of Fuji, Shizuoka Prefecture, lost patience with the behavior of tourists and did not even care about their safety. They set up the camera. Or stop and take selfies while the road is crowded. Sometimes they cross the road together. They don't care that they are creating problems for the local people. Until I became an outlaw just because I wanted to take a photo.Mount Fuji or “Fuji-san”

Japan blocks check-in points

Make Finally the authorities had to decide to build a 180 cm high barrier on a 400 meter long road island to prevent people from crossing or closing the road but still being able to climb onto the bridge. To enjoy the view and take pictures as usual. Just ask everyone to be polite, not litter, and not ask to use other people's bathrooms. Do not park in prohibited parking areas or obstruct the front of the house

Japan blocks check-in points

The 'overtourism problem' and disturbing behavior has become a hot topic on Japanese social media since the country opened its doors after the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak slowed, especially with tourists trying to take photos of Mount Fuji. This makes it the political resort of Fujikawaguchiko. A black barrier 2.5 meters high and 20 meters long must be installed at the check-in point. Lawson convenience store area with Mount Fuji in the background. After the villagers complained about the behavior of tourists, such as blocking the road and parking cars in a strange manner, causing traffic jams.

Japan blocks check-in points


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