Japan has banned it! Popular picture angle screen “Mount Fuji”: PPTVHD36

Fujikawaguchiko city officials in Japan installed a screen covering the famous photo spot of Mount Fuji this morning.

It can be said that this has now become normal for the people of Fujikawaguchiko. (Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan). Many tourists can be seen gathering around Lawson's store to take pictures with Mount Fuji. The number one landmark of the Land of the Rising Sun has become one of the most popular photographic angles.

But the morning of May 21 was the last time tourists were able to take pictures with Lawson and Mount Fuji. Because the Japanese authorities have already installed a black screen to block the sidewalk opposite Lawson. According to the previously announced tourism reduction plan.

After officials installed the partition, the once-bustling photography spot was obscured by a black mesh screen about 150 meters long.

The division came as a result of complaints from residents who said that their lives were disrupted due to tourists crossing the road in an unruly manner and scattering in the streets.

Fujikawaguchiko is one of the Japanese cities affected by overtourism. Especially since the number of tourists visiting Japan exceeded 3 million in March and April, driven by the weak yen and the boom in tourism after the outbreak of Covid-19.

The division was a desperate move and a sign of Japan's struggle to find a balance between crowding with tourists while protecting roads. Tourist attraction and their own way of life

However, while the workers were taking over the scene they were surrounded by cameras and many tourists. It creates an image that invites you to look back and discuss that there are breaks to keep the tourists away. Instead, it caused more people to gather than before.

“It might work for a few days, but I'm sure someone will find a way and take a photo at some point,” said Yuri Vavilin, a Kazakh tourist, adding that he was a bit disappointed to have missed out on taking photos of popular places. Corners of the day. But he will come back tomorrow and try both sides of the department.

Iwama Kazuhiko, a 65-year-old Fujikawaguchiko resident, said he didn't think the division would deter determined tourists, especially now that the pier is gone. It is feared that more tourists will walk in the street to take pictures. Which would definitely be a problem.

Iwama said he doesn't mind tourists. As long as they follow the rules. “They crossed the road and seemed completely oblivious to the car. It was dangerous and left rubbish and cigarette butts everywhere.”

This is seen as very rude and irresponsible behavior in Japan. There is very little litter on the road. Because everyone is expected to carry garbage home and dispose of it there.

Spacers are a last resort for local officials. “It's a shame that we have to do this,” one of them said in early May. “Because there are some tourists who don't respect the rules.”

They have tried less drastic measures, such as putting up large warning signs in many different languages ​​to prevent people from running in the street. But these matters have been largely neglected.

On the road, a driver blew his whistle loudly at tourists walking on the road to take pictures. This is a very rare sound in Japan.

Katsumata Kikoi, a 73-year-old resident, regularly walks his dog in the area. I sympathize with both sides. “I feel sorry for the tourists who come to enjoy the view and take pictures. But the traffic here is very heavy. We are all very worried about the accident.”

“There are other places where you can take beautiful pictures of Mount Fuji,” said Vandy Zhou, a tourist from Canada, and her son Zachary said he found another store with a good view of Mount Fuji. But I won't say where. “I don't want others to go there,” he said, smiling.

Compiled from BBC

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