Jacob Degrom suffers from a tight shoulder

Port St. Lucy, Florida – Jacob Degrom He underwent an MRI Friday morning, a day after a Mets right-hand man said he felt tightness in the back of his right shoulder while playing. Team deGrom scratched off the start of the originally scheduled Grapefruit League against the Cardinals, replacing him with the right-hand side Felix Peña.

According to manager Buck Showalter, DeGrum felt fine during his fishing routine on Thursday through his last two throws. He looked strong during his first two games in the Grapefruit League, allowing one run in five rounds with 10 strokes. DeGrom also made some compromises in the name of staying healthy, lifting slightly heavier weights this winter and regaining his speed a few marks in the spring.

Only time – plus deGrom’s test results – will tell if this is just a simple photo or something that might once again force him to miss important time. Injuries are nothing new to Degrom, who missed the entire second half of last season due to inflammation in his right elbow and forearm, and who has struggled with back, elbow and shoulder concerns for the past two seasons. When healthy, deGrom remained a standout player, scoring a 1.08 ERA with 146 strokes in 92 runs last season. But deGrom has only made 27 starts over the past two years.

If DeGrom wasn’t healthy enough to take the ball on opening day, Mets No. 2 novice Max Scherzer could easily slip into that hole at regular rest. Taylor Miguel or David Peterson will then enter the back of the spin in place.

As of Friday morning, the Mets weren’t thinking that far into the future. They were waiting for DeGrom’s MRI results before deciding next steps.

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