Jackson hopes to become a Cartier ambassador by giving an exclusive interview for the Trinity collection's centenary campaign.

group Trinity One of the famous jewelry collections Cariter First created in 1924 as a ring designed by Louis Cartier, 2024 marks 100 years since this iconic jewelery set became a symbol of friendship. Cartier's love of simplicity, modernity and meaning made Trinity a huge success to this day, and Cartier launched the campaign 'Centenary of Trinity“Celebrating this century alongside important Cartier ambassadors such as Jackson Wang, Gusso, Paul Mescal, Yara Shahidi and Labrinth, today L will take everyone to an exclusive interview. An exclusive look at one of our ambassadors, Jackson Wang, who came to reveal the unique Trinity identity And its connection to the true meaning of life.

Q: People have given many meanings to the three rings tied together in the Trinity set, what do you think? What does this ring mean?

Jackson Wang: The three words I use to describe the Trinity Ring are love, faith and principle. These are the three things that allow me to stick to the meaning of this ring. I can really relate to him. Because its meaning is the true goal of our lives.

Question: What do you think has made this piece of art successful over more than a century?

Jackson Wang: Love, friendship and honesty.

Q: It is said that the Trinity is like good things. Added to life I would like to know what memories Trinity brings to you?

Jackson Wang: I have always been a fan of vintage Cartier jewelry and my relationship with Cartier began as friends. From then on, I slowly felt like I was becoming part of a great family. Which is very valuable to me.

Q: How did it feel working with the ambassadors on this campaign?

Jackson Wang: It is true that we have begun to work. But then we had an immediate connection with the house. Therefore, these people are the most important to me. Working together on this campaign made me feel like I was reuniting with my family. Because family is the strongest bond. To me, it is more important than work.

Q: How do you celebrate love and diversity in life?

Jackson Wang: I admire and celebrate all stories of love and diversity. This includes all the bad and good things that happen in life. The same is true when there are sincere people who share the same vision, dreams and goals in life.

Q: How do you wear Trinity jewelry?

Jackson Wang: Although I have many different accessories, I tend to choose the simplest and most straightforward things. I like my clothes to be simple and clean. And I love the little details that appear in my clothes. Especially jewelry. Therefore, I usually choose to wear only the classic Trinity ring.

Q: The accessories are in the Trinity set He reinvented himself by completely changing his appearance from the original. How about reinventing yourself??

Jackson Wang: I can understand how Trinity reinvented itself. Because in my world, inventing new things is something that happens constantly and is very necessary for creativity, but it is important to know who you are. Know what you like and what you believe in. Listen to your heart and stay with it.

Q: Please name a work, project or piece you have been involved in that you hope will be part of a future centenary celebration.

Jackson Wang: I just wanted to offer something that truly represented me. I want to see my ideas become reality. It's safe to say that everything created by TEAM WANG is always based on excitement and emotion. There are probably people who like my work and people who don't. But even like this, it doesn't matter at all. Because my dream is to be able to give something to my people before I leave. Which I knew I might fail but at least I tried my best.

Q: What makes an “icon” an “icon”?

Jackson Wang: Just like I said before. For something to become iconic, it must be authentic and able to stand the test of time. So only time will tell us, moreover one of the important things is to keep your mind clear, focused and always aware of your identity and beliefs. Because no matter who or what becomes an icon, they are true to themselves and never let anything or anyone get in their way.

Q: Throughout Trinity's history, the jewelry in this collection has been worn and embodied by many different individuals. Are you inspired by any historical figures?

Jackson Wang: I can't choose at all. It's impossible for me to choose. Because everyone is unique and has different points of view. Instead of choosing someone I am very happy to become one of those people.

Question: The jewelry in this collection has been worn equally by men and women over the past 100 years. Want to know how you can incorporate these gender-neutral pieces into your style?

Jackson Wang: I really like that gender inequality is part of the history of the Trinity group. I will focus on creating something that can empower the wearer and make them feel present. As well as helping build their confidence.

Q: The sound produced when wearing Trinity jewelry plays an important role in both the design and the wearing experience. Can you tell us what other sounds are there? How do everyday things inspire your music?

Jackson Wang: I'm sure this is a very simple answer, but I will say that I love people's voices. I like to observe how people express themselves, what they say, and the feelings behind what they say. Both Big Moments and Small Moments Everything that has happened in my life is so inspiring and important at the same time. Because those moments are what made me who I am now. Big moments can't happen without these little pieces of the puzzle, so everything that happens in life, whether big or small, becomes a huge source of inspiration for me.

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