It has begun! Before participating in the UNGA 78 meeting, the Prime Minister met US financial chief Black Rock.

The Prime Minister, who met US financial major BlackRock before attending the UNGA 78 meeting, expressed interest in investing. Sustainability linked bond and fund investment in Thailand that is solid and stable

On the 19th at 11:30 a.m. September local time in New York City, USA (US time is 11 hours behind Thailand) Prime Minister and Finance Minister Mr. Setha Tavisin, CEO of Blackrock Group, a leading financial management company, Mr. Larry meets Fing. and Global Investment to study guidelines for investing in Thailand in the small, medium and large investment sectors, particularly supporting clean energy-related businesses to expand the investment base. and manufacturing in Thailand, in addition, they are interested in investing in the sustainability linked bond issued by the Thai government, the company is likely to invest in companies in Thailand soon.

BlackRock is the world’s No. 1 investment management firm focused on investing in ETFs, BlackRock is a company focused on investing in sustainability. (Sustainability) with plans to invest in several areas. Countries around the world have expressed interest in investing in a sustainability-linked bond issued by the Thai government next year

Meanwhile, Mr. Larry Fink from Southeast Asia (SEA) is a region with high potential including Thailand and will continue to invest in this region.
The results of this meeting will lead to investment in Black Rock’s Sustainability Linked Bond and solid and sustainable financial investments in Thailand.

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