Israel declares a “siege” on Gaza and orders the cutting off of water, electricity, and fuel

Israel announces its blockade of the entire Gaza Strip. In addition to orders to cut off water, electricity and fuel supplies and to refrain from sending food to the region. In the midst of an attack to “retaliate” against Hamas for launching an unexpected attack on Israel.

On October 9, 2023, the Foreign News Agency quoted Mr. Yoav Galant, Israeli Minister of Defense. An order was issued to blockade the entire Gaza Strip. In addition to announcements of cutting off water, halting food deliveries, and cutting off electricity. Fuel to Gaza, home to more than two million people, came after the Israel Defense Forces succeeded in reclaiming the entire area surrounding Gaza from Hamas. In the midst of the “retaliatory” attack, Hamas launched an unexpected attack on Israel on Saturday (October 7).

Mr. Gallant explained. The “comprehensive blockade of Gaza” is part of the battle against “a group of people as ferocious as animals.”

The Israeli official revealed this yesterday (October 8). Defense between the Israeli army and Hamas Since last Saturday, at least 700 people have been killed in southern Israel, including 250 killed by Hamas at a music festival. The “supernova” took place in an agricultural area near the Gaza border

“We are fighting a monster. We are moving forward with the cleanup,” Mr. Gallant said.

At least 493 people were also killed in the Gaza Strip after Israeli air strikes on the Palestinian territories. To confront Hamas

The Gaza Strip has long been an area of ​​conflict between Palestine and Israel, with an area of ​​approximately 365 square kilometres. Located in the heart of the Middle East. It is bordered by Egypt, Israel and the Mediterranean Sea. More than 2.3 million Palestinians currently live in the region, where Hamas rules the region.

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