Inside the Bobby Wagner deal

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rams back Bobby Wagner He officially signed his contract on Monday. Details of the deal have officially reached the PFT headquarters.

A five-year deal worth $50 million was reported, and the contract paid out $6.5 million in 2022, with another $3.5 million guaranteed in 2023.

More on this wrinkle later. For now the full details:

1. Signature bonus: $5 million.

2. Base salary for 2022: $1.5 million, fully guaranteed.

3. 2023 Nominee Reward for 90 players: $3.5 million, fully guaranteed effective April 8, 2022.

4. Base salary for 2023: $7.5 million.

5. 2024 90-player roster bonus: $2.5 million, injury-on-sign and fully guaranteed as of Day 5 of League Year 2023.

6. Base salary for 2024: $8.5 million.

7. 2025 Nominee Reward for 90 players: $2.5 million.

8. Base salary for 2025: $8 million.

9. 2025 90 Player List Reward: $2.5 million.

10. Base salary for 2026: $8.5 million.

The deal also includes three motivational packages, each with creative names. Agent Wagz Wally’s Wage Incentive pays out up to $2 million annually based on playing time and team achievements. For the full amount, Wagner needs to be involved in 90 percent or more of defensive shots, the Rams must make playoffs, and the final defensive standings in net points allowed, net yards allowed, and net pass yards allowed per pass play is better than Fifth worst league in the league.

The Wage Wagz’s Colony Coin Incentive pays out $1 million annually if it’s the first All Pro release. Alternatively, if he reaches the Pro Bowl (the original ballot) and the team improves its defensive standings in total net yards allowed, or net yards allowed per pass, Wagner gets $500,000.

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Finally, Wagz client Archibald Ranch Au Revoir Void gives the player the right to pull the plug in the final three years of the deal if he plays in 2022 and 2023 in 90 percent of defensive plays and makes it to the postseason team each year. Alternatively, he could void the last three years of the contract if he reaches the Pro Bowl (on the original ballot) in 2022 and 2023.

Vacuuming probably won’t be necessary. Practically speaking, the Rams signed Wagner an annual deal that could be worth up to $6.5 million. If the rams cut him before March 2023, he would come out with a $3.5 million guarantee – but the payment would be subject to compensation.

If he brings in at least $3.5 million elsewhere in 2023, Rams’ total financial exposure will be limited to $6.5 million for one year of service.

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