Infinix reveals images of the latest flagship smartphones, the Note 40 series, equipped with fast charging technology.

endless (Infinix) A global smartphone brand that caters to good value and is on trend. Complete for all uses and meets the lifestyle needs of the new generation Reveal images and information for the latest smartphone series Note 40 Which consists of models Note 40, Note 40 Pro, Note 40 Pro 5G, And the top model that is worth paying attention to Note 40 Pro+ 5G Combining powerful speed with cutting-edge technology, it takes fast charging to a higher level.

You Wei ji Ne Product Manager a company endless He saidseries Note 40 It's an important step forward in charging technology. Along with the energy revolution with chipsets Cheetah X1 Infinix's exclusive innovation or technology Universal fast shipping It has taken it a step further by offering features such as multi-functional charging, high temperature resistant charging and there is also a range of equipment. Mag Charge A new innovation that will provide brand users with a seamless charging ecosystem in the most complete and integrated environment Note 40 It unlocks the progress and potential of Infinix technology. To help users use it throughout the day. No matter what situation or weather condition you are in.

Leading charging technology Which provides high performance

For smart phone series Note 40 It comes with technology Universal Fast Charging 2.0 Powered by the first chip developed by Infinix. Cheetah X1 Combining high-precision power detection with voltage safety detection and readiness to provide support in every situation, this ensures excellent charging performance and versatility. Especially in this generation Note 40 Pro+ 5G Which can support 100W multi-speed fast charging This helps to charge quickly. 50% In only 8 minutes with hyper mode It also has a customizable low temperature mode and a smart charging mode. Smartphones in this series have very durable batteries. Long service life 1600 Cycle, energy conservation 80% Wireless charging has been upgraded to 20W wireless charger Which outperforms smartphones at the same level

This series also comes with Infinix Magickit For a convenient magnetic charging experience, a phone case is included MagCase Magnetic charging pad MagPad And a magnetic backup battery Mag Power technology Extreme temperature technology This helps ensure that it can be charged even at low temperatures such as -20 °C is suitable for environments with snow and Bypass charging 2.0 This filters the power and supplies power directly to the motherboard while gaming or watching videos. To help prevent the temperature from being too high. To the job Reverse charging This allows it to share power with other devices, wired or wireless, at full speed. 10 watts Protocol support PD 3.0 Allows you to charge your laptop using a smartphone charger. This eliminates the need to carry multiple chargers.

Modern and distinctive design

While the model Note 40 Pro series Inspired by the beauty of the cityscape. Designed for a beautiful, curved display. 55 Degree with mirror Corning Gorilla® Glass It gives a luxurious feel but is durable and sturdy. With ultra-thin screen and bezel design using electronic design MDA (Metal Device Antenna) The machine is integrated into one and the antenna is hidden inside the screen AMOLED 120 Hz Who gives the decision 1080P and maximum brightness 1300 Weaving provides clear visibility in all lighting conditions. With certificate from TÜV Rheinland To protect against blue light that harms eyesight. and opacity rate Boom 2160 Hz High places provide comfort to the eyes. Another notable feature is Active aura Which combines technology Amnesty International Fits perfectly with the design and helps add features to the series. Note 40 With the light displayed on the camera module this light will change according to different activities such as answering calls, notifications, playing games or listening to music. Charging the battery or using a voice assistant such as Volax

Take your photography and videography to the next level

For photography enthusiasts and content creators series Note 40 It delivers excellent camera performance and meets usage needs thanks to advanced zoom technology inside the sensor. Main camera help 108 megapixel Able to take clear and distant images with the system 3x lossless super zoom While maintaining the full image details of the model forefront It will come with anti-vibration technology. Optical image stabilization (OIS) This reduces camera shake and provides sharper images. It can record video from the front camera clearly 32 megapixel And the rear camera at the same time to capture events from different perspectives through the mode Dual video In addition, there are also video editing features such as Clipper vlog Help create short video content e.g vlog or Rollers Snugly Note 40 Therefore, it is a series that perfectly meets the lifestyle needs of users who want to use their smartphones for photography.

Another level of smartphone gaming

series Note 40 Comes with slides D7020 And G99 Produced with technology 6 nm The latest technology, energy saving and high performance these chipsets work with the system. Amnesty International Genius on XOS 14 in Volax, ask the AI And wallpaper creation tools Amnesty International To further increase the production and presentation of creative work ram reach to 24 GB Allows multiple applications to be activated simultaneously without interruption. Equipped with a cooling system that reduces the temperature as much as possible. 7 degrees Celsius and XBOOST frame rate control This helps improve performance for popular mobile games, providing an outstanding gaming experience at the highest frame rates.

but, Infinix Note 40 It is preparing to be officially launched in Thailand next April. Follow the price details along with other interesting activities at

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