Indiana bans abortion, White House condemns “extreme” move

The White House on Saturday strongly condemned a near-total ban on abortion in Indiana, the first US state to pass a new law in this direction since the Supreme Court’s ruling.

“This is a radical new step by elected Republicans to take away women’s reproductive rights and freedoms,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said.

The governor of this conservative state in the north of the country announced on Friday evening the law he had passed in his local legislature hours earlier, banning abortions unless there are cases of rape, sex or danger to the mother’s life. It will come into effect from September 15.

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“Inducing” laws

In anticipation of the Supreme Court’s decision, many states have already passed so-called “trigger” laws that take effect and ban abortions once the justices change their case law.

In the long run, abortion will be nearly impossible in half of the nation’s 50 states, especially in the South and in religious centers. Instead, progressive states seek to sanctify abortion rights and voters in California, Michigan, Nevada and Vermont will vote on protection measures this year.

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Voters in the conservative state of Kansas surprised voters on Tuesday by speaking out in favor of maintaining the constitutional guarantee of the right to an abortion. A spokesperson for the U.S. administration insisted on the filing that “all Americans across the country must have their voices heard.”

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