Importing popular brand ANTEPRIMA, Siam Takashimaya opens the “ANTEPRIMA 30th Anniversary Pop up Store” to showcase a special collection celebrating the 30th anniversary of its debut in Thailand.

Takashimaya fasting Thailand’s only Japanese-style department store at ICONSIAM offers fashion bags from the famous Italian brand famous in Japan, ANTEPRIMA (AntiPrima), to open the “ANTEPRIMA 30th Anniversary Pop up Store” to showcase the collection. Celebrating the 30th anniversary of “Shine in the Light, Glow in the Dark” for the first time in Thailand!! With 3 special edition “LUCCHETTO” bags with interesting shapes and functions. Poodle and panda animal shaped bag including shoulder bags and mini bags of STANDARD collection in exquisite new colours. For lovers of stylish designer bags to choose and own. With promotions and special offers between today – November 10, 2023 at Tharaa Hall, M Floor, ICONSIAM.

ANTEPRIMA is a handbag brand founded in 1993 in Italy by Japanese woman Izumi Ogino with a design concept that emphasizes timeless elegance and contemporary style. Just 5 years after its founding, the ANTEPRIMA brand made its debut at Milan’s Moda Donna, a fashion show that attracts fashion lovers all over the world. Watch the world. This made Izumi the first Japanese designer to collaborate on the Milan Collection, and in the same year she presented the ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG, a unique bag made of a special type of soft, flexible, lightweight wire and meticulously hand-sewn. It became a very popular piece once it was first released in 1998 before becoming the brand’s signature bag with the addition of several colours. Created in various forms in new collections from every season so far.

Today, ANTEPRIMA has been bringing elegance and contemporary style to women around the world for more than three decades, gaining popularity in Milan, Hong Kong and Tokyo with its unique designs that combine handcrafted elements and blend with modern materials under the concept of creativity. The “difference” (contrast) is perfect in every piece. Therefore, it is a brand that has given a long-lasting impression to bag lovers around the world.

“The beautiful and modern design of ANTEPRIMA was created using the keyword: ‘variations’ such as the use of special wires which are modern materials combined with specific high-quality sewing techniques that make the bag look luxurious and precious. Or if shiny materials are used, I will also add a matte material. The contrast between ANTEPRIMA WIREBAG’s modern look and traditional hand-stitching reflect ANTEPRIMA at its best, the flexibility of the bag. It is something else special and charming because the original shape changes depending on what the user puts in the bag. “The longer the Using it, the more it reflects the user’s personality.” Revealing the design concept and ultimately its desired goal was to give happiness to every woman who uses ANTEPRIMA products.

This special pop-up store presents the “30th ANNIVERSARY: Shine in the Light, Glow in the Dark” 30th Anniversary Collection to celebrate ANTEPRIMA’s entry into a new era through classic designs. By combining the fall and winter 2023-2024 collections. It captures the highlights of the STANDARD MINIATURA WIREBAG and adds interest to the “Glow in the Dark” theme, using a gold chain embellished with pearls to form the word “LOVE” on the bag with a sparkling neon lights effect. It conveys the meaning of “hope” which the designer likens to. “The ability to find light in the midst of darkness” indicates that ANTEPRIMA values ​​love as the light that guides the future, with 30 pearls representing the years of the brand’s journey. This special edition bag celebrates its 30th anniversary and features three colors that represent the brand’s identity. Paired with neon lights in matching shades, Argento Silver has a pearl string and white neon light, Kakigento Gray has a pearl string and white neon light, and Nero Black has a pearl string and white neon light. Each bag will be packed in specially designed packaging. To help keep the bag as beautiful and perfect as possible before handing it over to the owner.

Another unmissable collection is “ANIMALE”, an animal-shaped knitted wire bag that is elegant and has a unique style. One of ANTEPRIMA’s unique collections this time is brought by the brand “ANIMALE-POODLE”, a bag featuring the face of a little dog with big, cute eyes, and “ANIMALE-PANDA”, a bag in the shape of a very cute panda. Gather a family of pandas to spread their magic to make you fall in love. From small shoulder bags to a 3D bag that can hold a variety of things and meet all needs. There are also two other interesting groups. The “STANDARD” collection and new colors come in the FW 3-24 collection, which comes in 3 models: STANDARD MINI 045, a small chain shoulder bag suitable for every occasion, and STANDARD MINI 6T1, a classic mini bag, easy to carry, and the standard handbag comes in new colors. We guarantee Her satisfaction. Including the “LUCHETTO” collection, a trapezoidal woven wire bag. This model is designed with a triangular compartment hidden inside. Thus increasing the space to put more things.

Meet the “ANTEPRIMA 30th Anniversary Pop up Store” at Thara Hall, M Floor, ICONSIAM, ready to receive exclusive gifts and cash coupons worth up to 2000 when you shop according to the terms. Between today – November 10, 2023 and at Siam Takashimaya, 1st floor, from November 11, 2023 onwards. For more information, please contact LINE @SiamTakahimaya.

additional information
The brand name ANTEPRIMA means “before debut” in Italian, which reflects Izumi’s ideas and working life. The brand’s founder and creative director believes “women can deliver and create whatever they want, no matter how old they are,” because Izumi began her journey as a designer and creator of the brand at the age of 39 with no prior design experience. Therefore, her inspiration is a woman who enjoys living an active life. Challenging and exciting, she emphasizes. “The brand concept is elegance. Intelligence, confidence and pride in being a fun and happy woman to live life.

Biography of the designer and founder of the brand
Izumi Ogino, founder and creative director of ANTEPRIMA, was born and raised in Tokyo. He moved to Hong Kong in the 1980s and established himself as a retailer focused on building Italian brands in Asia. Her unique interest is the essence of “a woman interested in timeless luxury and contemporary style,” which led her to travel the world to Milan for ANTEPRIMA. She was born in 1993, just 5 years after ANTEPRIMA’s debut in Milan Moda Donna. Izumi was the first Japanese designer to join the Milano collection, and in the same year it opened, ANTEPRIMA’s iconic and legendary product, the WIREBAG, made 1998 an important year for both ANTEPRIMA and Izumi.

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