Important News Digest, Thai Financial News Agency, March 5, 2024

TISCO Securities reveals 5 factors that support the stock’s rise to exceed 1405 points, and recommends choosing the tourism sector – stocks that have positive supporting factors.
Thai stocks set new baseline, eyeing 1,350-1,405 points range and reveal 5 positive factors for the stock market, TISCO Securities revealed. In terms of investment strategy, I like domestic consumption-tourism stocks – stocks that have unique positive factors.

Hot Topic: Brokers gradually cut profit targets set for companies after Budget – 2023 GDP was lower than expected.
Brokers gradually reduce SET targets – EPS for 2024 after budget – GDP for 2023 is below market expectations, the new SET framework is expected to be at 1,470 – 1,600 points, while EPS has been reduced to 91.5 – 92.1 baht per share. Keep an eye on this, as many other brokerages are still reviewing the numbers. Expect more cuts to follow. Most recommend the survival strategy of gradually building up inventories for a strong 2024 budget.

Opp Day Summary: INTUCH expects revenues this year to grow by 13-15%, and aims to sell startups to find opportunities to invest in larger companies.
INTUCH expects income this year to grow by 13-15% based on ADVANC's performance. As for investing in startups, there are currently 6 companies remaining in the portfolio, waiting for the opportunity to sell for profit. And creating opportunities to invest in major companies

TTB accepts that non-performing loans are likely to increase this year from 2.6% to 2.9%, moving forward with regulatory transformation in 4 areas.
TTB admits that in 2024, the trend of non-performing loans will continue to rise from 2.6% to 2.9% after the end of the BoT measures and the shift to high-yield lending. Ready to launch a plan to drive business strategy forward by driving change, accelerating organizational transformation across 4 areas, and collaborating with leading partners to create an ecosystem.

BYD aims for 2024 revenue to reach 1 billion baht – and invests 3 billion baht in investment to expand securities business
BYD aims for 2024 revenue to reach 1 billion baht in response to its securities business expanding at full speed. Hoping to release more margin, the latter is currently valued at more than 800 million baht and is ready to invest 3 billion baht and is ready to expand its securities business and electric bus business.

Interview day summary: The WHA has set a target for total land acquisitions this year at 2,275 rai, hoping to complete the data center deal for investment in Thailand.
The WHA unveils this year's plan, targeting land sales worth 2,275 rai after land reservations in Thailand and Vietnam remained good. Including benefiting from foreign investment in data centers that negotiate many deals. We hope to close the deal soon and aim to sell another 213,000 square meters of REIT assets for a total value of 5,290 million baht.

MK reveals that shareholders have given the green light to restructure the business and plans to sell shares in the parent company's health services business within this year
MK revealed that the shareholders meeting gave the green light to restructure the company. Proceed with the purchase of stocks, investment units, warehouses and factories for rent. Preparing for the sale of shares in the RWX health services business to FNS, expected to be completed in 2024.

ICHI announces 2024 revenue of 9 billion baht, gross profit of 23%, launches “TAN POWER” to penetrate non-tea market.
ICHI sets a 2024 revenue target of 9,000 million baht, is moving ahead with its non-tea offensive plan, and is preparing to launch “TAN POWER,” a 10-baht bottled energy drink, strengthening its portfolio and looking to expand its product line. It hopes to raise sales to 10 billion baht by 2025.

The Thai Airways Association responds to Thailand being a global aviation hub and urges the law to be opened up to be more flexible.
The Thai Airways Association confirms that 6 airlines are ready to support the government's policy to push Thailand to be the aviation hub in the region. Calling for the launch of regulatory measures to achieve flexibility.

Opp Day Summary: MGI aims to double revenues this year, suggesting institutional partners are interested in investing in the stock.
MGI aims to double this year's revenue from 2023, capitalizing on the Miss Thailand Grand Contest – a project to search for new female singers. This indicates the interest of institutional investors in investing in stocks. Confirming that there are not yet any plans to transfer shares to the SET market.

Bank Al-Maghrib sets a collection target this year to reach 20,000 million baht, hoping to conclude a deal to set up an AMC with a bank.
Bank Al-Maghrib has set its collection target this year to reach 20 billion baht, along with a budget for debt purchases of 9,000-10,000 million baht and the purchase of portfolio assets worth 70,000 million baht, showing the trend for the first quarter of 2024, and the performance will continue. It grows. Ready to hope that the AMC construction deal with the bank and the State Bank will be completed.

ACPG is opening a 3-year investment plan with a budget of 9,000-12,000 million baht to purchase NPL-NPA after the BoT proceedings end.
ACPG is opening a 3-year investment plan, 67-69, with a budget of 9,000-12,000 million baht, to purchase NPL-NPA, preparing to expand the portfolio to receive growth opportunities, and see more non-performing loans flow into the system. After the end of the easing measures taken by the Bank of England

The Securities and Exchange Commission is amending the standards for reporting the results of sales of IPO shares before the shares enter trading on the first day, effective March 1, 2024.
The Securities and Exchange Commission has updated the Announcement for Reports of Initial Public Offering Stock Sales Results so that investors can know information that is useful for making investment decisions before the first day the stock is listed for trading on the stock exchange. It is effective from March 1, 2024 onwards.

B-WORK paid its 22nd straight dividend at 0.227466 baht per unit on March 22.
BBLAM reveals that Bualuang Office Leasehold Real Estate Investment Trust or B-WORK is set to pay its 22nd dividend at the rate of 0.227466 baht per credit unit on March 22, 2024.

BAFS ready to promote SAF asks government to review oil taxes to support Thailand becoming a 'global aviation hub'
BAFS responds to government policy Developing Thailand's potential in every dimension to become a “Regional Aviation Hub (Aviation Hub)” Ready to request review of excise tax after it was a restriction affecting expensive air ticket prices – moving forward to safely enhance SAF production according to standards.

SSP reveals board gives green light to invest in 1,220 million baht solar plant in Taiwan – and continues to expand its business overseas
The SSP Board of Directors gives the green light to invest in a 17 MW solar power plant, the investment value does not exceed 1,220 million baht, ready to expand its business abroad. Unveiled wind power plants in the Philippines, expected to be completed by June 2024. Total investment value is more than 10,000 million baht.

SEC approves BPS Technology (BPS) filing ready to sell 120 million shares in IPO, go ahead in May
The Securities and Exchange Commission has approved the filing of BPS Technology (BPS) in preparation for a 120 million share offering, moving forward with the expansion of its rooftop solar installation business, smart home projects and indoor fiber telecommunications (FTTX) network technology that meets real estate trends. Modern.

SET confirms that short selling of MGI shares is not permitted, as it finds bots trading only 2-3% of volume
Stock Trading Clarifying the facts and confirming that MGI is not permitted to short sell and specifying that trading from February 29 to March 1, 2024 was 98% retail trading, and currently remains under the highest level of trading supervision measures. Indicate if the trade is not consistent with the fundamentals. Trading is halted for one day

MGI Sends “Ingfah-Charlotte” to Star in New Series – Select MGT 2024 Contestants, Push to Be “T-Pop” the New Group
MGI cooperates with TVT to produce a new series, ready to send “Ingfah-Charlotte” to join the main roles, ready to broadcast in the 36/23 quarter, in addition, they are preparing to select Miss Grand Thailand 2024 contestants for the project Searching for 8 new singers for “T-Pop” “To send them for training in South Korea.

Source: Thai News Agency for Electronic Finance

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