I’m an Amazon worker and “trapped in a warehouse by bots”

It looks like an Amazon employee got trapped by the robot’s shelves when he was working on the warehouse floor.

The employee shared the experience on TikTok under the username Robotman77 and the video got more than 700,000 views.


It looks like an Amazon warehouse worker got trapped when robots started “trapping” him in a mazeCredit: TikTok/robotman77

“The robots at work are cornering me…it took 15 minutes to get out,” tiktoker Books with text overlay. the video It shows him walking around the warehouse while the shelves move his way.

“They tried to stop me,” he said in the video as one of the shelves moved again. “These capsules are messing with me.”

As shown in the video, yellow plastic robots Create a maze, making it difficult for the worker to cross the floor and work between stations.

the video It garnered over 1,000 comments with many viewers commenting on why the employee was on earth in the first place. However, others assured them that the user was allowed to be there.

Other viewers were amazed at the Amazon robots, with one describing it as a “real horror movie” and another concerned that the amount of capsules “looked like a fire hazard.”

However, others started making jokes in the comments section.

One user wrote “Five Nights at Amazon”.

“Bro boutta [sic] Another wrote comparing the situation to the Harry Potter films.

Another user said it reminded them of the dystopian franchise, The Maze Runner.

Amazon did not immediately respond to The Sun’s request for comment.

The video has garnered more than 700,000 views and 110,000 likes


The video has garnered more than 700,000 views and 110,000 likesCredit: TikTok/robotman77

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