iFixit’s Mac Studio Decomposition Reveals its Brutal Cooling System

in iFixit Mac Studio disassemble I found a brutal thermal management system connected to a relatively small computer, among other things.

The ripping video clips a rather complicated but not insurmountable process to get inside that little metal rectangle, and there weren’t many surprises. The video identified some of the ports, showed the logic board removal and, perhaps most notably, the unveiling of a dual-fan cooling system inside the device.

Furthermore, iFixit talked about the much-discussed SSD swap case. It is possible to overwrite the volume provided that you use a storage space of the same size and type, at least – but this requires the use of a Device Firmware Update (DFU) recovery. (Read our article on this topic For more information on that).

But replacing one part with its exact copy is not the same as upgrading, which may still be out of the question as expected.

Disassemble iFixit’s Mac Studio

Getting in wasn’t impossible, but it wasn’t easy either. iFixit had to peel off the rubber foot of the device to access the first case screws, and note that the cooling fans buried inside would be difficult to clean. But on the bright side in terms of serviceability: Modular outlets can come and go with ease, and the entire casing is basically accessible with a screwdriver without the risk of damage.

Finally, iFixit Mac Studio gave a repairability rating of 6 out of 10, a number we’ve seen before for Apple products.

The video also included a quick takedown of the studio screen. There’s not much to say about the Studio Display, other than what on the inside looks like a stripped-down iMac. iFixit also noted that the webcam is similar to the one on the iPhone 11.

Be sure to watch the video if you want more details.

Picture list by iFixit

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