Icelandic horses to respond to your emails during your holidays

Want to leave the reins for good? With excellent hoof kicks, Icelandic horses can take care of generating your non-automatic responses by email, for free, at a service launched by the Icelandic Tourism Office.

In a bizarre promotional video, the Icelandic company reveals its secret: a giant keyboard in which horses – belonging to the famous Icelandic breed – happily tread the keys on the most beautiful landscapes of the island.

The end is far from the expected professional etiquette with silly messages like ‘JJJJJJJJJJ’ or ‘8io: ​​l:; l: oiiþ ::’. But 8,000 people have already subscribed to this service, which is a horse-like transformation of the English verb ‘Outhorse your e-mail’ ‘Outsource’ (Sub-treat your e-mail).

“Iceland has launched its’ Outhorse Your Email ‘service to help travelers disconnect from Iceland’ outsourcing your email service and enjoy all that the country has to offer,” Iceland’s President Sigriur Tok Kumundstotir told AFP. VisitIceland. Small Icelandic horses – sometimes confused with ponies – are one of the country’s symbols.

Not the first video

In that video, which has more than 130,000 views since it was published online, a tourist, played by an actress, gets annoyed while vacationing in the sublime, while diving into the Solheimajogul Glacier, diving into the Silfra Fold, or getting dozens of emails from an entire selfie. During a geyser eruption.

The travel agency, which is based on one of its own surveys revealing that 55% of people check their emails at least once a day during their holidays, has become accustomed to videos going around the world.

In July 2020, in the midst of the Kovit-19 epidemic, he encouraged his audience to shout on an online platform before broadcasting the sound to seven deserted places in the country. Last fall, he parodied the metawares most proudly claimed by Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg.


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