I invite you to visit “Hengdian”, the backdrop of the film. And many series in Yiwu city

When I went inside the bus schedule would be in Chinese. But we can use your Gxxxx travel number and departure time to help. (We bought our tickets from trip.com, which will email us details of the bus number and seats. So, we won’t have paper tickets.) Inside, there will be a screen telling us which train to board and on which platform. We walked near there. We have to look again to see if this is the time for our train or not. It’s easy to notice. If it appears green on the board, then you can go on the train.

The atmosphere inside the station

At Yiwu Station (义乌站), follow the signs to board the truck. I think it’s very convenient. Because the truck only tells him where to get off. He handed it over immediately. When the hotel told us that it was parking right in front of the hotel, the fare is 35 RMB per person.

Yiwu stationJust follow the signs.This is where the truck is parked.The fare is 35 yuan per person.And then we arrived at Hengdian. I would say it’s huge, so big, we bought 3 day tickets, to be honest. I didn’t go anywhere. Because it’s really big.

What to see in Hengdian?

entranceentranceFor 3 days and 2 nights in Hengdian we were able to visit only 5

  • Palace of the Ming and Qing dynasties

Ming Cheng_01Ming Qing_02Ming Qing_03Ming Qing_04Ming Qing_05Ming Qing_06Ming Qing_07Ming Qing_07Here we have just one piece of advice. Please rent a train for 130 RMB, it will make your life much better. The children stopped at the entrance and waited for everyone to rent. There’s actually a bike type too, priced at 100 yuan, but seriously, it’s an electric car. It saves a lot of lives.

Sister train

  • Palace of Emperor Qin


Throughout the day, there will be small shows you can watch as well. For example, a princess enters the palace. Soldiers walk around on duty, and you can check the time on a nearby board. Stairs to the castle.


  • Qing Ming Shang Hu Tu


  • Guangzhou Street + Hong Kong Street


  • Dazhi Temple

DazhiAs I said. It’s really very broad. Everywhere we go we just call a taxi. (You can name it from Alipay APP. It is very convenient. There is English language we can install.) For some people who are worried about the bathroom. You can feel comfortable. The bathroom is very clean. Erase all the memories you heard. The bathroom has a seating area but is clean and has a closed door. It is spread perfectly throughout no need to stand in line at all.

Check opening and closing times carefully. Each place has different opening and closing times. We were actually shocked, that is, we arrived and they still did not open it (-*-)

Food can be found everywhere. It will be a big meal like eating in a restaurant. Or even some miscellaneous items, we also have them for sale. Don’t worry at all.

Each site has a schedule of showings throughout the day. You can plan a visit. Most shows start at 10am and have another show in the afternoon. Everything is Chinese. But I can guess enough. Even if you can’t hear it.

In the souvenirs section there is every solution. You can choose to purchase according to your preferences. What you have to be careful of is if you have left if you want to come back again, you must buy a ticket. So, if wandering still isn’t fun don’t rush just yet.

Each location has some parts closed for filming as well. But we can still come in and visit. Just don’t mess with the parts that are closed.


For fans of Chinese series, let’s go, because every place we go is very familiar, no matter where we go, we are all familiar, even every day when we go back to the hotel, we open the app to watch the series and see that this is true… true for us, it is considered The visit is worthwhile.

Next time we will invite you to find more interesting things. Thank you.

  • All photos by : Chigorita

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