“I expect” him to coach Michigan in 2023, says Jim Harbaugh; Source: Program Predicts NCAA Claims

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh released a statement Thursday saying he expects to return to Ann Arbor next season to lead the… Wolverine. In addition, a source at the school said the athlete On Thursday, the football program was under investigation by the NCAA and expected to receive notice of the allegations by the end of this week. Here’s what we know:

  • Harbaugh, who has expressed interest in returning to NFL In recent years, he has been the subject of reports for open roles including Denver And Carolina.
  • The school source believes the NCAA violations are relatively minor—one involving a player coaching analyst and another involving text messages that violate NCAA rules—but the investigation is also focused on the program’s response to such violations. Three sources familiar with the investigation confirmed that it involved self-reported violations involving an analyst who coaches players on the field. It is not clear what the penalty from the NCAA will be.
  • Harbaugh has a 74-25 record at Michigan since 2015. The Wolverines went 13-1 this season, winning the Big Ten championship before losing to TCU In the CFP Semifinals, Michigan’s second consecutive playoff appearance.
  • Harbaugh was the head coach of the 49ers From 2011 to 2014, leading San Francisco to three conference title games and one Super Bowl appearance.
  • Sources close to Harbou said the athlete They thought this was inappropriate for the coach and he was likely to leave.

what he says

“I am aware of the rumors and speculation over the past few days,” said Harbo. “The college team and the NFL team care so much about all of our employees, from the players to the coaches to the staff, and I really think that’s a testament to the strength of the University of Michigan football program.”

As I mentioned in December, while no one knows what the future holds, I expect to be head coaching Michigan with enthusiasm in 2023. I have spoken with President Santa Uno and Athletic Director Wardy Manuel and appreciate their support of me and our program. Our mission with the Wolverines continues as we prepare for the season 2023 with great passion and enthusiasm.As our legendary coach Bo Schembechler said, “Those who stay will be champions.”

background story

Last year, Harbaugh, who led Michigan to its first title in 17 years, sought a return to the NFL.

On signing day in 2022, Harbaugh met with Minnesota Vikings But in the end, she didn’t get the job. He told reporters afterward, “There was a pull to the NFL because I got close to the Super Bowl, but this is the time. And this is the last time. Now let’s go chase college football’s biggest prize.”

This year, Harbaugh led his university to an even more impressive season, going undefeated in the regular season and dominating their archrival. Ohio State, repeatedly. This time, it happened in Columbus and the Wolverines won, 45-23.

Over the past two seasons, Harbaugh has shown that he has continued to evolve as a head coach and that his program has achieved a significant turnaround. UM was a big favorite going into the College Football Playoff semifinal last weekend against TCU, but was upset, and now with NFL teams once again giving strong attention to the 58-year-old Harbaugh, his next move will be fascinating to watch. A return, possibly to the Denver Broncos or his old team, W.J Indianapolis ColtsIt can be very tempting. – Bruce Feldman

What does this mean for Michigan?

Harbaugh echoes what he said in December, when he stated that he expects to “excitedly coach the Wolverines in 2023.” In other words, nothing has changed. His statements about the NFL come with a caveat about not knowing the future, which keeps the door open. But for now, Harbaugh isn’t backing down on his vow to be at Michigan next season. – Meek

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