I can’t remember that Star Han has lost 25 kg of weight. He plans to marry Jeon. Adults want to hold their grandchild | The Bangkok Insight

Almost unrecognizable, Star Han shed her old body, lost 25 kg, and revealed plans to marry Jeon. The adults are quick to want to carry their grandson.

It disappeared from the industry for a long time because the body changed and became happy and happy to eat. Until the singer dances Han Isaria or Han the star Kimchi Girl Sweetheart Seo Ji-yeon The large-sized Tau Mee has recently appeared and updated its menu. No Mam table With host Noo Mam Suriwipha to reveal the good news. Get ready to lose weight, get fit and fit, and get ready to get back to working on music again. Make a song to sing along with Sudthat Love Ready to reveal your love affair Is this event close to reaching the end of your only dream?

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Now love is progressing. Have you become Jeon’s mother’s favorite person?

“I think we might be ourselves. It’s the most natural. Besides, his mother commented on us from the beginning. I found the point where they asked us to modify. So there’s no need to modify or embellish too much. You don’t have to do a lot of sculpting. This is what he knew was “Han. I’m someone who likes to take care of him like when his mother comes I’ll be the one who prepares for the trip. Make everyone make up the people around you.” Recently, his mother has been constantly coming over. Later, she came about twice a year, and there were places we went to see him.”

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From our mother’s side, is Jeon’s favorite?

“Yes, but my mother is a bit of a stubborn mother. She will be as calm as when I have a friend.” He will feel free from worries and can go anywhere more comfortably. “Actually, I can take care of myself, but he said having someone by his side is more comfortable.”

Has our couple planned their wedding yet?

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“There was some discussion. We talked from time to time, but P’G didn’t rush him or anything. His family wasn’t in a rush. But the mother said she wanted to hold her grandson (laughs). There might be a little pressure.”

So, what do we both have a rough plan for?

“I actually have a hard time answering that question. Because I think if this is going to happen, it’s going to happen very quickly for our couple. The things that are going to happen are going to be completely unexpected. I like to do things that don’t keep him guessing.”

With the change in shape previously, why did the weight increase?

“Well, we are people who love to travel and love to eat. So it made me change a lot. But now it’s starting to come back okay. I lost about 25 kilograms and now I’m starting to get back into exercising. The starting point is that we told each other that it can’t be done. We have to To change the nature. Because of our nature, before we exercise ourselves. Exercise yourself, but everything is still the same. So we change our nature by putting ourselves in the gym. Whether you exercise or not is another matter. Change the environment Because if everyone is exercising it’s not like we’re just playing on the phone.”

Are you satisfied with your current weight these days?

“Well, let’s say it like this. In the past, I was a person who focused a lot on weight. But these days my hair has changed and my body has changed. And we don’t primarily look at the number on the scale. We feel like our physical health is stronger. And then our mental health improves.” “Good physical health comes from within, and we will know that for ourselves.”

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