How to take photos of your crush? Galaxy S24 series can help you! This Valentine's Day, take a photo of your girlfriend for your love. Without having to use a photo editing application ::

Taking photos that your friend will love won't be difficult anymore. With the Galaxy S24 series, Nong Puppup can help you decorate this Valentine's Day photo. My friend doesn't have any.

Bangkok, Thailand February 12 2567 Have you ever gone on a trip? I want beautiful pictures. But no matter how I photographed it, my friend didn't like it, there were people and the photo was skewed and not as perfect as the friend wanted. Nong Puppup can help. This Valentine's Day, the content needs to be great. The Galaxy S24 series has a Photo Assist feature to help edit photos easily. Your girlfriend won't be upset.

The Galaxy S24 series comes with smart technology with Galaxy AI which will help complete photo editing in one place with Geneative Edit that can edit photos without having to use third-party apps to waste time. Whether it is deleting, adding, abbreviating or enlarging things and people.

My friend wants to take a photo with a beautiful view. But there are people walking around behind you. Don't worry, Galaxy AI can help scan and add beautiful photos without adding up.

There are a lot of people? No need to stand and wait or send telepathy for people to exit the frame. Deleting people is very easy and convenient. Before and after pictures Generative editing

Sometimes, when taking photos, we forget to take into account that there are things that stand out more than our partner. Taking such photos will definitely cause you discomfort. If you cut it, it will be disproportionate. Don't worry, Galaxy AI can do it. You can delete it or create a new object. It's very creative.

Before: The kettle steals the show

After: Use generative editing to seamlessly delete the boiler.

After: Use generative editing to help fill pots or vases so they don't look too open.

Taking a photo of a slanted staircase and making a mistake is not difficult, it can be easily fixed, and Galaxy AI can adjust the photo to be straight and beautifully fill in the missing spots. It is very easy to adjust. Just tilt it, it's right. It's very immediate.

Before: How do you photograph the staircase so that it is tilted like this?

Generative adjustment: Adjust the angle of the drawer to be straight, but when adjusted the space will be gapped to the side.

After: Galaxy AI complements stairs and columns for beautiful, accurate images.

Do you want to create fun photos? By moving objects or people, you can use Galaxy AI to help. Whether you're standing far away from your partner or sitting farther apart, Galaxy AI helps bring us closer together more easily than ever before. Plus you get photos from new angles. And have more fun editing photos

Before: Your girlfriend is shy and doesn't want to reveal herself. Please sit at different angles.

After: You can easily move to sit closer to each other using generative editing.

How to edit photos using generative editing is very easy, just go to the photo you want to edit. Tap the generative editing star, then circle the unwanted object and press and hold to delete it. Then click on the word Generate and the image will be generated as desired.

how to use Generative editing

The Galaxy S24 series doesn't just help make photos beautiful. But it also helps make life easier. Whether it's an influencer's content production line or your friend who wants his girlfriend to get beautiful photos easily. Once you have a younger sibling on your hands, there is no longer anything to worry about. What angle will pictures be taken this Valentine's Day? It's not a problem, you can upload photos to your content to show off to your friends. Without having to fight

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Date: 2/12/2024

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