How to add US Supreme Court skins

US Supreme Court justices imposed on the Minecraft scene.

picture: Fred Schilling / US Supreme Court Collection / Mojang / Kotaku

Maine Craft Still One of the biggest games in the world More than a decade after its release. At the same time, the justices of the United States Supreme Court are All over the news lately. It’s a no-brainer: let’s put these judges down Maine Craft!

It has never been easier to add hilarious avatars of friends, family members, or permanent final arbitrators in American law to your Maine Craft. And then, you can have all kinds of fun with them, from going on adventures to digging for gems. I mean, you can really do whatever you want, even things like, I don’t know, cut them with swords, hit them on the triad, shoot them with arrows, or bury them in a deep, dark hole for as long as you like. Aren’t video games great?

Anyway, the first thing you need to do is find or craft your own skins. This is the place Skindex Comes in. As the name suggests, Skindex is a huge repository of Maine Craft Skins uploaded by the game community. Not only that, but the site also features an online editor that allows you to create a theme from scratch or change a theme already in its archives.

I’m not very technical, so I was glad to find that Skindex actually includes several SC-style skins. There is one Similar to Chief Justice John RobertsFor example, it could be just as easy as Samuel Alito and Brett Kavanaugh, as well qualitative skins Male and female judges such as Neil Gorsuch and Amy Connie Barrett. I haven’t been able to find a replacement for Clarence Thomas, the only African-American judge on the court, but that’s something that some basic adjustments can’t fix.

Once you have the surfaces sorted, add them to them Maine Craft Depending on the version you are using. Java version It features a tab in the Windows launcher that allows you to load the desired PNG file, while doing the same in Bedrock Edition And the pocket edition Requires starting the game and visiting the “dressing room” in the main menu. And if you share these tips with your friends, you can get together and do photo experiments on your own.

Screenshot of the custom skin interface for Minecraft.

screenshot: Mojang / Kotaku

Make judges in your NPCs Maine Craft The world, on the other hand, requires more work. I would suggest visiting Nova knife, which is another custom skin repository that includes player-created mob builds, to make or download suitable replacements for in-game reptiles, zombies and skeletons. I won’t go into all the steps here as they are more complicated, but then you should have everything you need Create your own custom resource pack.

a large part of Maine CraftThe popularity of the game comes from the way it gives players the freedom to build their perfect worlds. I can’t understand why anyone would want to approach a judge on the United States Supreme Court, but those with such a strange imagination can now realize it through the magic of Maine Craft. Have fun!

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