How the Ontario Energy Savings Rebate Program Can Help You Save on Energy-Efficient Windows

Are you considering a window upgrade or replacement for your residential property or small business? The Energy Savings Rebate Program (ESRP) might be what you need to save on the costs of energy-efficient windows. If you reside in Ontario, the Ontario window rebate 2023 can help jumpstart your journey to installing brand-new, environment-friendly windows. The program is available to many homeowners who are replacing or upgrading their windows with high-performance, energy-efficient windows. 

What  is the Ontario Energy Savings Rebate Program 

The government’s quest for a reduction in carbon footprint and the adverse effects of climate change is why the Ontario Energy Savings Rebate Program is in place. The initiative, launched in 2017, offers a 25% (up to $600) rebate for any energy-efficient window you purchase and install. It’s an attractive incentive that brings many homeowners on board to adopt eco-friendly practices that minimize the dangers of greenhouse gas emissions on the environment. 

Who Qualifies for the Ontario Energy Savings Rebate Program 

Energy-efficient window customers looking to upgrade or replace their windows are eligible for this program. If you have a residential property, a small business, or even a farm needing energy-efficient windows, you do not have to do anything while purchasing your windows. The rebate will appear automatically on your bill. Ontario Electricity Rebate will be the additional line item on your bill. 

However, be sure you use a contractor currently involved with the rebate program. The program has a complete list of Ontario window replacement and installation contractors to purchase your windows. 

Not any window qualifies for the energy savings rebate. So carefully check to see if the window meets the Energy Star criteria and the National Fenestration Ratings Council(NFRC) ratings. For example, check that the U-factor is 1.4 W/m2K or lower. A lower u-factor rating indicates excellent insulation. 

Once you install your windows, the next step would be for your contractor to submit your rebate claim. You should receive your rebate check within eight to twelve weeks after submission.  

Why Should You Make the Most of the Ontario Energy Savings Rebate Program?

There are several advantages to grabbing this energy-saving incentive from your windows. For example:

  • You save on the initial costs of your energy-efficient windows with about a 25% incentive. 
  • You save on the consequent energy costs because of energy-efficient windows in your home. Thе windows are a worthwhile investment, helping you save long-term on your energy bills.
  • You reduce greenhouse emissions for environmental sustainability. You can combine your energy-efficient windows with energy-saving lighting under the rebate program to save even more money and save the environment in equal measure.
  • Energy-efficient windows provide a trickle-down money-saving effect on other items in your home. For instance, the windows block harsh UV rays affecting your furniture. They protect your drapes and floors from fading and discoloration due to sun exposure. 

Other Ways to Increase Your Home’s Window Energy Savings 

Besides the rebate on your energy-efficient windows, you can also adopt various best practices to save on your energy bills. These secondary savings include:

  • Choosing glass sliding gardens and patio doors that have similar energy-efficient features to your windows that encourage thermal retention. These products also fit within the Ontario Energy Savings Rebate Program.
  • Performing energy-saving improvements on your window and door installation. For example, white treatments can help block the number of UV rays that come into your home during the hotter days. Remember, paler hues can effectively reflect light and heat. On the contrary, darker colors will absorb more sunlight and heat, creating a warmer home that sends your AC into overdrive. 


The Ontario Energy Savings Rebate Program wouldn’t have come at a better time. Homeowners can now enjoy immediate financial benefits and long-term savings on energy bills. But you also become part of the eco-friendly battalion helping to protect and save the environment.

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