How Kim Kardashian feels about Pete Davidson going to trauma therapy on Kanye West

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Pete Davidson It is said that he did trauma treatment Because of the “attention and negativity coming from Kanye and his mannerisms,” Kim Kardashian appears to have been very supportive. source says Sixth page That “Kim was so supportive of Pete going into therapy. Kanye was so malicious. He was posting negative things – now add thousands upon thousands of comments. Someone has to work with you to deal with something like that.”

Another source added that “received death threats from [Kanye’s] Fans and all the negative attention online doesn’t feel good about the average person — add someone with mental illness, and it’s even worse.”

While the drama with Kanye has definitely taken its toll, that hasn’t been the reason why Kim and Pete recently broke up. Sources go on to stress that the split was “due to distance and schedules,” according to one person Sixth page “They have been together for nine months. It was [in Australia] for three months. She has four children and several huge companies. It just didn’t work. Meanwhile, another insider said the breakup was “as clean and friendly as it can be” and “as much as they both wanted the relationship to work and enjoy being together when possible, they realized it could take months each time they could.” seeing each other, so they decided it was better to be friends.”

Neither Kim nor Pete has talked about (or even confirmed!) the split, but given that Kim is currently filming a reality show and Pete is standing… it seems safe to assume comments are coming?

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