How did Matt Perani get there? Learn about life from monsoon news. Make stronger

How did Matt Birani get there? Learn about life from the monsoon news. Made stronger at that time, he knew he had to survive, maybe because he was a fighter who would not give up. There is brightness in the heart

Past life of Birani Kongthai died She has been through a lot of stories, some of them serious, before she came back with a new drama. She is currently on the podium as another bride in the entertainment industry.

How did Matt Perani get there? Learn about life from monsoon news. Make stronger

Latest (July 9) dead girl He was a guest on the show. unfold Willing to open up about the groom's path of love Besides talking about the past news storm, she said that at that time, she knew that she had to survive, perhaps because deep down she was a fighter and never gave up. First of all, in order to be able to fight, there must be a bright light in our hearts that we are not bad people.

The internet is there to teach us life and that's the truth. Friends will always say that we learn from the events that happened. A few days after her birth 30 years ago, life was idle, studying, waking up to go to work. There is nothing to stress about. Or is there something to worry about? We understand that there may be people who don't like us. Or someone misunderstood or have you ever met me when I wasn't really nice?

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But there is no way we can tell someone that we are not that type of person. What if they feel good about us or have enough judgment? They will want to know the answers and find them slowly, without making hasty decisions on their own. So no matter what we say, even if they like us. Or if they don’t like us, they will still think that way.

When I read the comments in the internet world, I felt angry at first. If it's wrong, I'll accept it. Sometimes it's not like I said, if you want fire, come on, it's all over, I've learned how to get close to people. I mean, a deal in the past I was honest and if I was wrong I was calm and quiet, but I said it wasn't a mistake. It's like that now, it depends on us. We know what we're doing. Why don't we do it? Is it true that if it's not like that we want to develop it?

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