Horizon Forbidden West gets an official Lego set

Play Station‘s Forbidden horizon west You get the official Lego set.

Lego Horizon Forbidden West Tallneck, assigned the number 76989, will be released on May 22 for $79.99 and consists of 1,222 bricks.

The set includes Tallneck, in addition to the Minifigure of Aloy, the protagonist from the Horizon Games.

The group was named for the first time on a German retailer in December.

Horizon Forbidden West gets an official Lego set

Lego has increasingly turned to video games for the latter groups. The Lego Sonic The Hedgehog set was released in January.

Lego has previously claimed that Lego Mario is one of its most popular modern themes. The theme includes a Mario course building system, which allows players to create large Super Mario-themed levels. The Super Mario 64 question mark block set was released last year.

Horizon Forbidden West releases on Friday, February 18, 2022 for PlayStation 5 And Playstation 4.

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“When it comes to much better sequences than the original game, the game that often comes to mind is Doctrine killer 2, ‘ Midler wrote about the Forbidden West.

Horizon Forbidden West Review | VGC

“The leap from the first Assassin’s Creed to its sequel perfectly represents what the studio could do once it found its feet with the first installment of the franchise — expanding on what worked, listening to what players didn’t like, and the benefit of not having to learn to walk at the same time.

“While Horizon Forbidden West falls short of replacing Assassin’s Creed 2 in this analogy, it comes very close. With better combat, a compelling storyline and a stunningly beautiful world, it’s an improvement over the original in every way, even if it sticks with some open-world metaphors that could have been We leave it behind.”