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Today (December 2, 2023), Dr. Thongchai Kirati Hattayakorn, Acting Director-General of the Department of Disease Control, said that exposure to smoke resulting from smoking e-cigarettes, in addition to its negative effects on the smoker’s body, also has a serious impact on those around you. Including a violation of vaping in public is also a violation of the Tobacco Control Law, punishable by a fine of up to 5,000 baht.

Dr. Thongchai said this through information related to the smoke emitted by e-cigarettes. Also known as second-hand e-cigarette smoke, smoke contains many toxins that are harmful to the body. Whether it is high levels of nicotine, carcinogens, heavy metals, flavorings and flavourings. Including organic compounds, especially diacetyl, which has health effects on both smokers and people close to them, in addition to a study dating back 5 years in California. The United States found that people who received second-hand e-cigarette smoke from people in the home smoked e-cigarettes. The respiratory system will be affected. It will increase your risk of difficulty breathing. The risk of bronchial constriction was 2.27 times higher, difficulty breathing was 2.05 times higher, and bronchitis symptoms were three times higher.

Dr Thongchai add that smoking e-cigarettes in public places is still a crime under the Tobacco Products Control Act 2017 with a fine not exceeding 5,000 baht, so smoking cigarettes including e-cigarettes in addition to losing your health, you are also at risk of legal action. Therefore, smokers are advised to quit smoking e-cigarettes. To reduce the risk of bronchitis and breathing difficulties. You can seek advice to quit smoking at a hospital near you. Or seek advice from the National Smoking Cessation Service by phone, call 1600 free of charge. If you have any questions, you can request further information at the Tobacco Products Control Commission Division, Disease Control Division, tel. 02 590 3850.


Information from: Division of the Tobacco Products Control Commission/Office of Risk Communications, Department of Disease Control

December 2, 2023


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