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Anatomy of HMD's multi-brand strategy: “Better opportunities at an accessible price.”

HMD Global (Human Mobile Devices), European manufacturer and distributor of smartphones, feature phones, tablets and accessories. Its headquarters are located in Espoo. Finland Having been in the business for a long time, HMD is now able to control the market share of feature phones, smartphones and accessories covering more than 200 countries around the world, in addition to being the sole distributor of NOKIA branded mobile phones and tablets. In the world. Over the past year, HMD has overcome many challenges in the market. It can push the brand to achieve its goals. It has sold more than 400 million units worldwide, becoming the leader in the feature phone market with the second largest market share in the world.

road HMD Thailand

HMD has been in the business world in Thailand for over 7 years, with the role of sole distributor of Nokia brand smartphones and smartphones. At present, there are more than 3,000 distributors covering every region throughout Thailand, and in 2024, HMD sees the Thai market trend as an opportunity. There are new challenges. Along with moving forward with business transformation, EmphasizedMulti-brand strategy Catching more new generation consumers with products at accessible prices

World-class standard innovation

Because HMD Global is a smartphone manufacturer. And the first accessory to receive device verification in Google's recommended Android Enterprise Certified program. Be confident in the safety and management system It is a leading European brand in the field of reliable smartphones.

Additionally, it continues to evolve towards Android One, the Android platform. Devices define the standards and design (reference design) of smartphone manufacturers' (OEMs) hardware and software to support the best Android operating system. Covers smartphones in every segment that you can instantly update to a new version when upgrading from Android. To create safety in using smartphones with the utmost confidence.

Go to Product Development Plan 3R for sustainability

HMD also aims to develop affordable phones. The modern design meets the needs of the new generation, is durable and can be easily repaired. Supporting consumers in using feature phone devices. And smartphones for a longer period are poised to reinforce the brand's position as environmentally friendly. Through 3R product development strategy as follows:

1. I will fix it an actI will fix it In 2024, HMD plans to increase the repairable product ratio to 4:3 in the smartphone markets of Europe, Australia and New Zealand. It is expected that half of HMD smart devices sold worldwide will be repairable. Last year, repaired devices accounted for 1:4 of HMD's mobile phone sales.

However, if the repairable phone has usability issues purchasing a replacement device may not always be the answer. With some tools complete with spare parts and manuals or instructions that consumers can access from the brand. Helps users use HMD products longer.

2. Reuse Giving importance to the production process by upgrading existing equipment Go through the process of modernization or developing a new, modern usage model more responsive to the needs of modern consumers that reuses existing equipment In addition to being one of the ways to conserve natural resources, it can also help save production costs. As a result, HMD products are considered high-quality smartphones. Which meets usage needs at an accessible price that comes with a 2-year warranty.

3. Recycling HMD prioritizes recycling feature phones, smartphones and other devices at all levels rather than disposing of them. Increasing the e-waste world is willing to see that every piece of equipment has value and can be recycled for further development. From using some parts to produce smartphones as well as packaging the product with the belief that “old things can become new.”

Anatomy of a multi-brand strategy HMD

HMD operates with a commitment to developing consumer-focused innovations with lifestyles in mind. The factors in choosing a phone by people today have become more diverse, which encourages HMD to move forward.
Transforming the business into a multi-brand strategy has opened the door to new opportunities for HMD, NOKIA and their partners to the consumer group, giving them the opportunity to choose from a variety of products that respond to most usage patterns.

HMD is still a distributor of feature phones and NOKIA smartphones in 200 countries around the world, and this year HMD plans to continue expanding the market. With the launch of HMD, the new smartphone brand. It aims to attract more new generation consumers through design and functionality. And affordable prices. In addition, there are plans to move forward with business partners. Including new smartphones and accessories from other brands to add product lines to HMD's portfolio, hoping to meet the lifestyle needs of contemporary consumers in every generation. Who want to use a variety of smartphones more and more

New options that meet the needs of every lifestyle.

HMD Fusion development plan, a new innovative smartphone design platform Through the V1.0 development kit, people will be able to apply flexible smartphone technology to meet a variety of lifestyle needs. By giving users the right to participate in the design of innovative hardware and software. Establishing in-device connectivity This allows new apps to extend the functionality of HMD Fusion devices, called “smart fashions,” so the community can start building their own platforms. HMD smartphones aim to be able to meet the needs of both lifestyles. And support increased business capabilities

Peace of mind throughout use

A service to take care of consumers throughout their lifetime as well. Nokia mobile phone care delivery service Wherever it is, it can be easily repaired, meeting the needs of modern consumers. There are services to choose from according to the user's lifestyle. With free repair service! Through EMS from more than 1,200 Thai Post branches across the country, along with a pick-up service to receive off-site repairs. An integrated service in one place through the NPK Call Center 02-005-0195, which is a special service for NOKIA and HMD phone users whose phones are still within the warranty period. In the service area, NOKIA phones sold by HMD Global have a 1-year warranty under the specified terms and conditions.

Earth-friendly HMD

The brand aims to produce communications devices that are friendly to consumers and the planet. Awarded EcoVadis Platinum Green Brand of the Year 2022 and 2023. Platinum level brand. Global Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Eco-Friendliness Thanks to its outstanding environmental assessment scores, it is in the top 1% of business groups around the world and 98% in the telecommunications equipment manufacturing industry in 4 main areas: environment, labor and human rights, ethics, and effective procurement. It reflects the idea of ​​creating a brand committed to saving the world. Willing to continuously create global life balance for the world. We hope to be a part of helping bring nature back to the world together with consumers around the world through the concept of “Play the Long Game” by sending high quality mobile phones, smartphones and tablets. With the highest quality materials and equipment. Strict production process Passed more than 50 strict tests.

Date: 3/26/2024

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