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the time of the Splash Mountain to be mobile along. Guests descended on Walt Disney World on Sunday to be among the last to ride the popular attraction, which will be subject to Many months of transformation before reopening as Tiana Bayou Adventure The year is 2024. The newly reimagined ride – inspired by the Walt Disney Animation Studios movie The Princess and the Frog rather controversial Southern song – will also make its way to California Disneyland Resort. In December, Walt Disney World Resort announced Splash Mountain It will close permanently on Monday, January 23, after 30 years of operation inside Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom park.

Videos circulating on social media showed crowds of guests lining up at the open park for horseback riding. Splash Mountain On the last day of operation, when wait times are up to three hours, according to WDW Magic.

Disney theme park fans also took to Twitter to share their recollections of the ride, which follows Br’er Rabbit as he moves from his laughing spot in search of his “laughing place.” The exciting water ride features over 100 animated voice characters, a five-story splashdown that drops into a tree patch, and a sing-along of the classic Disney song “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.”

Re-topic Splash Mountain They’ll pick up where the movie’s storyline left off, as guests will join “Princess Tiana and jazz-loving crocodile Louis during Mardi Gras season as they prepare to host a one-of-a-kind celebration for New Orleans residents,” says Disney of the reimagined ride, which Disney Parks Announced in 2020.

(photo: Disney parks)

While we have explored many new topics in the past, [2019 is] When we really started to focus on the story of Princess Tiana, said Walt Disney President Bob Weiss Disney D23 The decision to move away from the animated characters seen in the 1946 film Southern song. so said he, Splash Mountain It has been the subject of many conversations over the years. The great ride platform and scenery create great storytelling potential.”

Disney world Splash Mountain It officially closes on January 23rd. Disneyland Splash Mountain It is currently still in the works, and Disney has yet to confirm a closing date. Both Florida and California versions of Tiana Bayou Adventure It will open in 2024.

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