Here is the famous actress criticizing Nonakoul after she announced to the media that she had already spoken to FE |

As for the bright-faced young actor Nonkul Shannon, who previously came out to admit in a manly manner that he was talking to the great actress F Thaksaworn, now, although he still does not call me my boyfriend, but I look forward to the future as far as marriage. Amidst congratulations from friends in the entertainment industry and many fans.

Another close friend of Nonkun, Mook Woranit, has come out to make the moveIt’s cute, but I’m still upset with Non because her boyfriend wouldn’t let Muk Wo play the sack race with him. But playing a guessing game with P’Aff PS: But he’s so sweet, so clear and so adorable. Haha. . .At this time, Nonkul also came and replied that he could take revenge, that is, he could answer the plaintiff. It’s just like our title.

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And then, netizens came to make fun of it Friends let me spin the sack. People who like to play guessing games I like MOQ 5555555, 5555555 We are in mode. I really love Pearl, she’s really cool, really handsome, really kind, really manly, a real gentleman, and a real person. Shannon, you lovely man.

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