Her tennis coach abused her. Can sports prevent it?

Dressed in her pajamas, she stood in front of her hotel room door, horrified when Halten walked in. She was watching her favorite movie “The Sound of Music”. She knew what he was going to do and felt powerless to stop him. Then, she explained before the Public Prosecution Office and in her lawsuit, he pierced her with his hands.

The next day, I could barely put a ball over the net during the tournament. He scolded her and told her to stay away from what happened.

She returned to San Diego broken. Days later, back in Kansas City, unable to sleep, eat or do homework and dread an upcoming trip with Haultain for a tournament in Portugal, Jensen answered yes when she asked her older sister if her coach had abused her. Then her sister told her parents.

Jensen immediately stopped training with Haultain. Her parents encouraged her to keep playing, so as not to let Haultain steal her love for the game. They were not aware of the full extent of the violations because they did not press her for details. So they tried to minimize the trauma by dealing with it privately, she said.

Fred Jensen now realizes how terrible something went wrong, for his daughter and the safety of the other children. His instinct told him to protect his unknown daughter, to try, in his words, to “train her to,” and “engineer her back to normalcy” and rescue her from the blame and abuse inflicted on so many sexual assault survivors. This was the exact opposite of what his daughter needed, which was disclosure, the involvement of the police, and, ultimately, justice.

“Predators depend on you not going after something like that,” he said.

However, in the summer of 2010, Jensen told the teacher what these two had done to her. The teacher had to report it to the police, and he did.

Jensen now realizes that Haultain is basically brainwashed, and that he was very good at getting what he wanted, like many predators.

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