He bought an old pipe for 10 baht and dared to show it on TV. The audience laughed, but the experts were not amused. This is rare!

Once you know, you can’t help but laugh! The audience laughed. A young man brings an old pipe. Grandfather’s things went to evaluate the price. But the experts were wide-eyed. Hurry and ask about your ancestors.

China is a country with a history that extends back thousands of years. This means that the country possesses many rare antiques, but some rare items may not be recognized for their true value. Since the war era, there have been many stories of precious jade being considered just a stone. It requires careful evaluation by an archaeological expert.

Of course, in addition to having collectible value. These treasures are vital in helping future generations live their lives. Go and learn historical knowledge. This is why in the past few years in China, there are many projects and activities. To find and evaluate ancient items to find valuable relics. Probably the first item that everyone thinks about is unavoidable. “Treasury Evaluation” of China Central Television (CCTV)

In one episode, a man appeared at first glance empty-handed. But after a while, he took out a small piece. Get out of the bag that looks like an old tube At that time, everyone in the delivery room couldn’t hide their feelings. They laughed because they thought it would be worthless, but when the experts took a closer look, they discovered that it was actually a “jade tube.” Even the experts were surprised and asked, “What is this?” “Who are your ancestors and family?”

However, the man said that his family were actually ordinary people. But many years ago, the owner of this jade pipe sold it to his grandfather for only 2 yuan (about 10 baht), and then he saw that it was an antique and wanted to evaluate its true value and worth.

Experts say the pipe is made of jade and is an artifact from the Shangzhou period. It is also well preserved. To be able to maintain the current status its quality is better than other items. This is now even in the museum. Therefore, it is believed that if this was an item left by this man’s ancestors he might have belonged to a noble or powerful family.

After listening to the program, the audience was very surprised. No one thought that such a small piece would be a treasure, and everyone said that this man’s grandfather was extremely lucky to have such a precious tube of jade at such a low price.

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