Ha! A young man opened a hotel room and was fined 3,000 baht because he did not go back to sleep. Answer: How do you know that the angrier you get?

Even the drama went viral, Lowe revealed. A young man who opened a hotel room was fined 3,000 baht for not returning to sleep at night and Lowe revealed that the drama was so dramatic that he had to return the money. Plus a gift.

According to local media reports, a man named Tang entered a popular hotel in Beijing. Booking 2 rooms for 3 nights, I wasn't expecting this when I was about to check out of the hotel. The hotel manager said he checked CCTV footage. He found that he did not return to the room every night, so he would be charged 500 yuan per night (about 2,580 baht) per room per night. In general, all fees will be collected. 3,000 yuan (about 15,500 baht)

Mr Tang said he was extremely shocked when he was informed of the fine. He explained that it was because he was still adjusting to the jet lag so he went out to play at night. And returning to the room to rest during the day. He also said that the hotel's CCTV cameras are used to track the behavior of guests. This is a fundamental violation of privacy. Moreover, the hotel also arbitrarily deducts a fine from the deposit. The draft law does not specify this “fine” But the money was partly raised “Room fee” With a final question: “Is this a violation of consumer rights?”

Later the manager of the said hotel group came out to respond to the hot issue that arose, explaining that it was because the customer had signed the contract and it was clearly mentioned above. If members' benefits are transferred illegally, the system will calculate the difference in the room rate. Because clients do not return to stay the night, the room may have been transferred to someone else. So we ask for the price difference. This is an internal investigation to protect the rights and interests of other members.

“We understand this guest's reaction to the situation. Such discounts are real. But the actual situation is a bit complicated. The supervisor surnamed Liu originally promised to respond again, but as of the 28th, there has been no response. The money received has been refunded.” Discounted from customers in full.

The next day, Mr. Tang revealed this to reporters againI received an email response in English from the hotel. The 3,000 yuan fine was refunded, and additional gifts were given for use on the next trip. “I am completely satisfied with this decision.”

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