Grand Theft Auto 5AI NPC Mod Nuked from the Internet

In case you thought the Rockstar Games acquisition of grand theft auto Fifth Creator group meant a brave new era for open-world modding in the hit open-world game Don’t worry, publisher Take-Two is still going after fan projects you don’t like. An example of this is his recent kick out of a mod called Sentient Streets, which used AI technology to quickly create NPC conversation dialogue. Take-Two sourced the mod from both YouTube and NexusMods, leaving the creator confused and frustrated.

Sentient Streets System, which was previously covered by a number of locations Likes IGN And Eurogamera story about a death cult that worships artificial intelligence and NPCs whose dialogue is randomly generated by a tool called Inworld character engine. YouTuber Bloc, who created a GTA V game mod, he said his video had over 100,000 views before it was removed, while the mod itself was apparently downloaded over 3,000 times before NexusMods, where it was hosted, removed it.

“This may have happened automatically, but the evidence points to an intentional manual DMCA removal request from them,” Bloc wrote in a post on YouTube. “I also didn’t get any response [from Take-Two]. They only seem to attack [the] Ministry of Defense on all fronts.

Rockstar’s parent company has a long history of pursuing fan projects, mods, and other unauthorized creations, from submitting DMCA takedowns to filing lawsuits and even reports of them Send private investigators to players’ homes. At the same time, the vast role-playing communities and the third-party mods and servers that support them are a big part of GTA V gameenduring importance and popularity.

It was surprising but understandable then when Rockstar recently announced that it would previously partner with, the development team behind the FiveM and RedM mod communities for GTA V game And Red Dead Redemption 2, respectively. “As a way to further support these efforts, we recently expanded our policy on mods to officially include those made by the role-playing creative community,” she wrote in her ad.

It’s not clear why Take-Two chose to modify Bloc for termination, but it could have something to do with its integration with the third-party Inworld Character Engine, which is owned and operated by ElevenLabs. That company that has a file $100 million valuationCreates AI-generated sounds through a combination of random sampling and contracted performance. He said IGN. It’s not hard to see that raising all sorts of potential red flags that don’t apply to standard mods that simply add or change the game’s assets and gameplay mechanics.

Take-Two and Bloc did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

“Knowing that major corporations can issue strikes based on arbitrary reasons, which can cause your business to become pointless in moments, is discouraging to say the least,” Block wrote in her post.

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