Grading Liverpool's players in Premier League match, 3-1 home win over Burnley: Player ratings


English Premier League 2023/24

Race day

Saturday, February 10, 2024



Competition results

Liverpool 3-1 Burnley

Rani Kelleher – 7
Allison got the chance to start as he was ill and not ready to take the field. Today he made some beautiful one-on-one saves that helped the team multiple times. The goals conceded were too hard to help.

Andy Robertson – 7
He returned to the field as the opener again on the left side. There are few opportunities to fill and opportunities to open up. The defense did a good job of dealing with the visiting team's attack on the starboard side.

Virgil van Dijk – 6
Waited to catch the ball and threw well at the last moment. But often went in the direction of the visiting team until resisted several times. Both Fobana and Odobert had some problems handling the pace.

Jarrell Kwanzaa – 7
Started as the opener in place of the banned Connaught. The timing of the tackle was good. There were some beautiful tackles and almost scored a goal with a powerful shot in the penalty area.

Trent Alexander Arnold – 5
Even after Bradley wasn't ready to enter the field, he assisted 1 from the opening corner kick and got a chance to start. But the defense is still a concern, losing the ball too easily, so Friends will have to fix it more often. before being substituted at half-time

Curtis Jones – 6
Controlling the play in the middle is their main role in attacking play which helps them connect the ball outside the penalty area. After that, the second half retreated to stand on the right. But it was often attacked and attacked. Fortunately, the team did not score any goals.

Alexis Mac Allister – 7
Controls the pace of midfield play well. Use silence to control the rhythm of the game. Focus on helping chase the ball and cutting the ball down the middle of the field.

Regional Endo – 6
Become a ball rest in midfield. But the speed and strength of the Burnley players today is clearly lacking. But still using perseverance to get through many strokes.

Darwin Nunes – 7
He was named the goalscorer in the second half with a header. But this game wastes chances as usual.

Diogo Jota – 7
Scored the team's first goal with a header from a corner kick. After that, he retreated and waited for a low performance. Had a chance to spin in the penalty area in the second half but was caught by a save from Trafford.

Luis Diaz – 7
The front row should play with the ball more often. But today he seemed to play a bit too much and missed some beautiful opportunities shooting and passing. However, there was a name on the scoreboard from the moment they charged into the second half.

Harvey Elliott (in place of Arnold 46) – 8
Made the difference with his excellent attacking role and provided 2 assists to lead the team to victory.

Cody Kakpo (in place of Diaz, 82) – 6
Come down and collect the ball in the penalty area. Haven't had a chance to finish yet.

Kostas Simikas (in place of Robertson 90) – n/a

James McConnell (in Endo's place, 90) – n/a

Bobby Clarke (for Mac Allister 90) – n/a

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