Goosebumps, flock to look at the “giant snake”, eye-catching belly Why is it glowing blue? | Khasud

A young man posts and asks netizens about the giant snake. People wonder about belly protrusion. Why does it glow blue?

Foreign websites Report the stories that are making waves on social media in the country.Malaysia When a young man accidentally encountered a huge snake while on vacation. So I posted to ask netizens. Are you wondering why this snake's belly glows blue? Until the matter became a subject of great controversy.

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This young man posted a picture of a giant snake through itFacebookHe was an expert on snakes walking along the river. Look for snakes along the way. There were fish, shrimp, and fighting fish along the way but no snakes were seen. When we arrived at the waterfall, everyone was surprised to see a large snake here, which is the one in the picture. The snake's reticle emits a bright blue light. His stomach was unusually large, and it was assumed that he had just eaten something.


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Although this snake is still a fetus and its body size is only 2 meters, when you look closely, the snake's body is shiny. The color was bright blue and purple, which I didn't recognize.What signal comes from the snake? Maybe it's self-defense. Don't get too close or you may get bitten. It is still unknown whether this snake is venomous or not.

He also urged everyone to always be careful and respectful when exploring in the wilderness. Avoid unnecessary conflicts with wildlife. This unforgettable experience made him cherish and respect nature even more. He looks forward to more opportunities to explore the secrets and magic of nature in the future.

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After the said post was posted online, there it wasInternet usersMany opinions were expressed. “The scales are so beautiful.” “The sapphire is so beautiful.” “The snake in the photo is a common snake in Southeast Asia. But when I saw it, it was still motionless… very interesting.”

In addition, some netizens expressed their opinion on this“The sparkle of color on the belly is beautiful and looks very good” “Wow, that's big~ The belly is a bit big” And many other opinions

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