Google is testing a darker ‘dark mode’ for its Android app

Google is testing a darker dark mode for its Android search app (via Android Police), according to 9to5Google. This new shade is still different from the one presented in Google testing of deep dark mode on desktops last month. Instead, the color spotted in the phone app is darker than the usual dark gray but still lighter than dark black. The search page used to be very black on my desktop, but after a while, it went back to a dark gray.

The new dark mode in the Google mobile app may be more attractive to devices that OLED screens are looking forward to Save battery lifeOr who just prefer to use the dark mode more. Android Police He said that the new shade is available in the latest beta version of Google 13.8 in the Google Play Store which you can get Across APKMirrorwhich is an archive that allows Android users to easily download items that are not available on their devices, or go to the official path By joining the beta test group.

after google She confirmed that she was testing Dark mode on desktops Last year, the company confirmed a massive launch of Google search dark mode in February for desktop users. While you can access the app’s new color shade yourself, the broader version could take months to reach more people officially, just like the desktop version we just saw.

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