Golmar. He was enraged by the noise and shot a young woman.

A 62-year-old man was remanded in police custody in Colmar on Sunday for “attempted murder”. After a 22-year-old soldier was shot in the head while intoxicated, he was charged with felony criminal mischief.

The main prognosis of the victim is involved (description figure).


The tragedy occurred around 1 a.m. Sunday. Public Prosecutor Catherine Sorita-Minard pointed out in a statement that the “assailant” went out “armed with a gun” “by the noise of a group (…) in front of his house”.

“A gunshot was fired and a 22-year-old woman, a soldier, was seriously injured. (Sunday) morning surgery, her main prognosis is still involved,” the magistrate said.

The man said, “Drunk, arrested at the scene and taken into police custody. He had minor injuries and was seen by a doctor at night, ”Ms. Sorita-Minard continued. He has no guilt.

Gathered in a square

According to the regional daily L’Alsace, he was attacked by relatives of the victim, many of them soldiers. They had gathered in the square near his house to celebrate his birthday.

The newspaper reports that they attempted to retrieve his weapon and that the shot was fired, according to the victim, who was serving in the Maine Heim (Hot-Rin) Sadien March Regiment (RMT) south of Golmar. The criminal investigation into the attempted murder has been handed over to the Golmar police, and Ms. Sorita-Minard notes that police custody should be extended.


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