GH Bank MOU Taekwondo Sports Federation injects funds to support sports associations in accordance with government policy

Memorandum of Understanding GH Bank, Taekwondo Sports Association of Thailand Response to Government Policy Pumping Funds to Support Sports Associations Pushing Thai athletes to achieve achievements and fame for the nation.

(29 March 2024) Mr. Kamunpop Veerapala, General Manager, Government Housing Bank (GH Bank) and Associate Professor Pimon Srivikorn, President, Taekwondo Federation of Thailand. Join the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding to support the Taekwondo Federation of Thailand. It is implemented in accordance with state policy. Participation in promoting and developing sports associations with the Prime Minister presiding over the ceremony at the Sante Maitri building. Government Building Bangkok

Mr. Kamunpop revealed that GH Bank, as a government financial institution, is under the supervision of the Ministry of Finance, which has a mission: “Make Thai people own homes” as well as support Thai people in obtaining homes of their own. In order to raise the quality of life in housing, GH Bank also implements the government's policy of participating in the promotion and development of sports through sports federations. It is the Sports Federation of Thailand that we are part of supporting the association to be able to send athletes to compete at the international level. And build a good reputation for Thailand

GH Bank supported the Taekwondo Sports Association. Continuously for more than 18 years, from 2006 to the present, in the amount of 17 million baht annually, with a total of more than 300 million baht in support through the signing of a memorandum of understanding between GH Bank and the Taekwondo Sports Federation of Thailand this time. Support the Taekwondo Sports Association. Continuously for 4 years from 2025 – 2028, the total support amount is 80 million baht, rising from the original support amount to 20 million baht annually.

Assistant Professor Beamon said that the Taekwondo Federation of Thailand thanks GH Bank for constantly being a major supporter. Throughout the past period Taekwondo Sports Association has been committed to building the foundation of Taekwondo in Thailand on a large scale throughout the country through the development of referees, coach training and organizing competitions gives athletes a platform to show their potential and develop their competitive abilities. Selecting outstanding Taekwondo athletes to develop into athletes who represent Thailand, creating achievements and reputation for the nation. And creating smiles for Thai people

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