Germany/Netherlands: Nine ATM robbers arrested


Germany/Netherlands9 ATM robbers have been arrested

German and Dutch police got their hands on several thugs who bombed dozens of ATMs.

ATMs were targeted by robbers.


Dutch police announced on Thursday that they had arrested nine people suspected of involvement in a series of ATM bombings in Germany, along with German police, which netted them millions of euros. The suspects are suspected of being part of an organized crime ring behind 50 bomb attacks on ATMs in Germany that netted five million euros (about 5 million francs).

“The alleged perpetrators traveled from the Netherlands to the German states of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg to blow up ATMs,” Eurojust, which investigated, said in a statement. “They used pliers to pry open doors and solid explosives to destroy machinery” and fled in cars after stealing cash, the agency said.

“Critical Collaborative Inquiry”

Security forces seized four kilograms of explosives, which were already ready to be used in fresh attacks. Dutch police said the arrests came after a “significant joint investigation” with German police.

Dutch police said the suspects, aged between 25 and 41, were arrested on Monday in Roermond (south), Utrecht (central) and other cities in the Netherlands. A total of 15 searches were carried out on Monday in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium.

The gang was removed

The German prosecutor in charge of the case said the 34 attacks in Bavaria netted 3.4 million euros (about 3.4 million francs) and caused more than four million euros in damage. The same source says 17 other attacks in Baden-Württemberg caused around 2.7 million euros in damage and 1.8 million euros in theft. Germany has requested the extradition of the suspects.

In September 2021, Dutch and German police discovered a gang that made video tutorials on how to blow up ATMs, which they then sold to other robbers.


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