Genshin Impact 14 Luxury Chest Locations in Chenyu Vale

Tuesday, February 6, 2024 at 6:27 PM 57 seconds IST

It's been a long time since the update to the new region. Qinyu Valley in Genshin Impact Of course, the thing that the people of Toad cannot miss is the treasure chest, in particular.Luxury box Which provides many diamonds and valuable items so we will take our friends to collect a luxury gold chest!

For version 4.4 there is a gold chest.There are a total of 14 chests in the Qinyu area. Most of them are obtained by completing quests and solving puzzles, but there may be some that have no origin. We must find him.

1. Ask for Qinyu's blessing for the jade fire

The first gold chest can be easily obtained through quests. “Chinyu’s blessing for the sunken gate.” It's about halfway through the mission story when we're tasked with finding the three spirit orbs and bringing them back to the pavilion on Mount Xuanlian, when we succeed and the cutscene ends. A golden chest will appear next to the wing.

2. Cleanse the area of ​​toxic fumes with the power of the master.

This chest can be easily obtained without completing quests. Just go to the areaNear Xuanlian Mountain in the west When we arrive, we will encounter an area contaminated with toxic fumes. You have to defeat all the monsters and use the power of Cleansing Master 3 times, we will face the giant Ice Lawachurl and monsters of water, electricity and fire elements, so don't forget to organize your team well.

3. Mission: The Incredible Journey to Wangshan

It's like the first gold chest you got from the quest. The second box is obtained through quests. “Wangshan Walk to Remember” A golden box will appear after completing all tasks. Just follow the story, solve puzzles and fight monsters inside the cave. I received the golden box without any difficulty.

4. Solve the puzzle in the Qichang Wall

Turn into Chizhang Wall and you will be faced withGiant incense burner and jade pillar puzzleWhich must be placed correctly The golden box here does not require you to complete the task. But you will encounter monsters and maybe a little headache with some puzzles. But let me tell you that it is not difficult and does not take much time. Additionally, in addition to getting the Deluxe Chest at the end, you'll also get a fair number of Common Chests and Precious Chests along the way.

5. Open the jade gate in the Chizhang wall.

After you solve the first puzzle to open the door in Chizhang Wall, there will be another puzzle waiting for you inside. But before that, you may have to open it. “Falling Tapestry Garden – Jade Vow” The spirit of the carp was worshiped. First along the way, we will encounter the task of opening the Textile Garden2 pieces jade Pick it up and return it to the door in the Chizhang Wall Hall. Then, turn inward. You will come across a mural. After cleaning with the power of the master, a golden chest will appear to you

6. The golden chest on top of Qichang Wall

This box doesn't need you to do anything but twist it around. The Chizhang Wall rises to the northern peak. will meet with “old wooden plank” Click “Read” and then a golden box will appear.

7. And 8. Quest A rainbow-colored butterfly flies in the middle of the valley.

As for the mission to chase the rainbow butterfly, I'd say you can't miss it. Because we will get two gold chests by doing one task. It is also easy and the missions can be completed quickly, even if you just lie down and play, you can still get through it comfortably. Yaudi Valley Look for the western cave where Seelie is, she will lead us to it. “Lingshu Garden” There is a saint statue to start the quest. “The butterfly silently crosses the valley.”

The tasks are simple.Chasing 5 butterflies Defeat monsters, solve puzzles, and take time-limited tests. When all the butterflies are collected we will find that the old trees have grown. Let's go in and collect one branch from the cave and go to Yaodie Valley on the east side, which will be “Bak Sian Cave” when we werePlace the branch in the medicine jar. A golden chest will appear and open the medicine room that was initially inaccessible. Inside the room there is another golden chest.

9. The Golden Box in the Sky at Chewang Terrace

Turn into Chiwang Terrace and climb up.Top of the mountain on the left you will encounter a bowl puzzle. Solve puzzles along the way. You'll find a gold chest upstairs at the end of the puzzle.

10. Defeat the monsters in Chewang Terrace.

Warp to Chewang Terrace Then he went downstairs. He will meet with Hilichurl's group to suppress everything. You will find that 3 statues of saints have appeared, so let's move on at this pointThe game time was moved to the afternoon around 2:00 p.m. Then notice that the dark shadow moves to meet the ground properly. Shoot the saint statue below. A golden chest will appear

11. The mystery of the main statue on Lingmeng Mountain

Turn onto Lingmeng Mountain, and climb to the southwest peak of the mountain. You will face a puzzle where you must place all three main statues in the correct positions, i.e. all three statues must be placed facing outward (as shown in the picture).

12. Clear time limit test.

From the location of Square 9, you can proceed to Square 10. Scroll down from the top of Lingmeng Mountain to the Giant Jademouth Pillar Statue, and in the middle of the hole in the statue is a Saint Power Orb. When activated, it's a timed test where you don't have to do anything except let your joystick fly along the path to collect all the marbles. The destination will be the cave door. Which will be unlocked upon successful completion of the test.

13. The Golden Chest of the Turtle Gang at Yilong Pier

Go to the transport station near Yilong Wharf, then travel north to the village to come across a small island with an ancient stone inscription. Press “Read” to open the Feed the Turtles mission. Go up the hill. Click to choose food. We will meet a giant turtle swimming towards us. Jump on the turtle's back. Press and rub the head once. P'Tao will take us to the beach where there is a golden chest in the cave.

14. The mystery of the main statue in the Upper Valley

Turn north of Chenyu Valley near Qiaoying Village to find ancient ruins.The Mystery of the Master Statue and the Mystery of the Jade Pillar Return the items to their original places. Monsters will appear, defeat them all and you will get a golden chest.

This is the golden treasure chest. All deluxe chests for Qinyu Valley version 4.4 Who hasn't collected everything yet? You can use this guide as a guide!

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