General knowledge quiz game

Recommend the application Trial by trivia It is a quiz game about general knowledge. There are many themes to choose from. In addition to gaining knowledge it also helps to practice reading English well!

General knowledge quiz game, Trivia by Trivia app is used to practice English. Increase your knowledge download for free!

We would like to recommend a good and useful app for people who like to play quiz games or kids who want to learn more about answering questions. This application is called ““Trial by Trivia” Answer the questions with all your knowledge! In addition, this application is good because it can be used to practice basic English reading. Don't miss it.

Download the app (iPhone, iPad, Mac)

Examples of use

Download the app and come and try playing! In the app, we will answer questions one category at a time. Each category contains 50 questions in total. If you collect a lot of coins, you can use it to unlock the category you want to play.

How to play is we must answer that “Yes” or “no”

  • If you think no, swipe left.
  • If you think “yes”, swipe right.

The first category concerns countries around the world, and the questions are not difficult at all. But you must read carefully because there are questions that trick us. People are often confused, if you answer correctly you get one point.

Try to complete 50 questions to unlock the next level. Anyone who gets more than 30 questions can tell that you are a person with a certain level of general knowledge. You can be proud!

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