From the mouth of Ploy Chermarn after her personal manager was fired. Tell the story of the day you discovered the truth.

After the young actress Chermarn's trick He came out to announce important news that he wants to end his role as his personal manager and besides the Gems, there too Lydia Saronrat And Irene Yuktat Along with other stars they all came out to share this message one by one.

Recently, when I met Louie at an event, she didn't fail to ask about the story that so many people were interested in about what happened. Several actors came together to announce the news. To which Bluey replied:

As of now, as far as Ploy can talk, Ploy, Lydia, Arin, and the sisters are not willing to come out and explain these reasons. I want it to be an internal matter. There are a lot of details. Please keep it for now. The day you are ready to move out will explain itself.

We've known each other for a long time. Lydia has known him for a long time. We love him like family. He loves us like family. He takes good care of Bluey. Counseling such as family members when this happens does not mean that there is no reason, but rather that there is a reason. Like a heartbroken person, disappointment is a reality.

Lydia was the one who discovered it first, announced it first, there was a discussion and the truth was found, and Bluey found the truth. It must be stopped first. Lydia is shocked. Everyone was shocked and sad.

Did you encounter the same problem? Don't second guess yourself. Artifice can really talk that way. I really want to say this but I can't say this. Let's consult together first, let's talk first. The day we are ready will definitely come out and make a statement. Please deal with it internally first.

With Nong Note, we're still talking. My sister tried to call me. Bluey was still having a conversation, but his heart was as if he didn't want to cry, and he apologized. He asks for a chance to explain. But what we saw was something else.

The relationship is long. It's like brothers. You can't cut it at all. Because there is so much love we have for each other. As far as work duties were concerned, he had to finish. Will the future return to what it was? A trick that cannot be answered. It is a matter of the future. We're still talking now. There are stories we need to talk about. We are not violent or emotional with him. When we first knew we were vulnerable, why would we be prepared? The trick cannot speak for everyone.

Lydia is very sad, shocked and sad, now their relationship is just friends and siblings, but the work must be finished. But will there be anything that will make Bluey end the brotherhood? It must be found.

There was a backlog of dramas, series, and shows that he sent to Ploy, who was also creating a Line account. Hela used to do the work himself for a while. I'm so tired because I have to handle the work myself. But right now, Bluey doesn't have much work anymore, and it won't be difficult. Bluey should be able to manage these things temporarily. In the future, if anyone wants to take care of me, Bluey is interested, but for now I will take a rest. Because he stumbles

She asked if I was afraid? Having someone to take care of Taking care of yourself is no problem. But we have to go to the customers ourselves. I myself suffer from headaches. It's tiring. We don't want to face something like this. So we had to find someone to be a manager. They are the ones who look after our interests, talk to us, work for us, and make our lives move forward. As our careers progress, this is the duty of a manager. It's not easy to find someone to take care of you. Trust and honesty are things that Bluey places great importance on. I don't want us to meet and change, it's exhausting.

Thanks to those who care. Whoever wants to know should wait a little. Let's talk first. If you're ready to come out and talk, then definitely come out but right now, we're not ready.

There will be more coming soon, please take a look at your Instagram timeline. It has nothing to do with the issue of the personal manager who sexually harassed me. We live together as a family. But Note and Sam are not related. Every case is different.

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