From the mouth of beer The Voice If you look into any man's eyes his world will stop (clip)

After there was an issue regarding involvement as a third person to a close person online Vatsaranan Athamongkol Beer or beer the sound I recently came to appear on the show “Rae Rai Dai” on the DG YouTube channel with two presenters, Chompoo Atitha and Ploy Peerachada, volunteering to represent the villagers. Ask and answer in depth with the most interesting questions. Along with the most heartfelt answer from the person concerned.

In Very Bad News, is the real thing that bad?
“If someone evil comes, I can be evil.”

I saw in the comments that they said beer was bad, which is not true. Evil takes content to increase follower count?
“For what reason? Beer suddenly feels the reason we have to be reprimanded. The reason we are evil is because we feel wronged. We can be bad again. That doesn't mean we can't be evil. Evil has its origins.”

Maybe a lot of people have always been kind. Was his kindness taken advantage of?
“Yes, have you heard that word before? No one will see the discomfort. Our dissatisfaction until we start acting out of bad habits. He will come and see it.”

Is it a long time ago that I kept it and didn't say anything?
“A lot. In the past, we were taught to please others all the time. Because everyone expects us to look cute and innocent. We should smile all the time. What's not to be satisfied with? Why can't we as humans cringe when we're being taken advantage of. We don't agree with this.” Why can't we stand up and talk?”

Do we think this is fair for us?
“No, that's not fair. Bear still sees some comments and thinks Bear has something to do with him.”

What do you think of the comments that say we're too confident? Is it a security threat?
“Keep your people safe. Tie them up. Don't let me see you. I really don't want to meet anyone much. I don't want to mess with anyone. Lately, it's been like we're friends. And then it's like everyone's being spoiled. Nowadays, “I get myself out of there. And then everyone involved didn't have those people in my life anymore. That's why we were able to move on so quickly, and at that point, everyone was giving us problems. Whether it was a woman or a man.”

Do we think he sees that we are causing him trouble?
“Maybe it is. It's like we've been causing trouble for each other and it's better to break up. The truth is that we're both Neji and lost together. “Why is that? is not it? “We broke up, so we just threw everything in the basket.”

At what age did you have your first boyfriend?
“Actually, there are men who keep liking me. There are constant flirtations.”

Want to show who you're targeting without making a mistake?
“Don't miss it at all.”

Have you ever gotten to the point of dropping out of school and going out with a guy?
“It's a special class. But even if it's a special class, it's appreciated by the parents. Getting caught was a big deal. The guys have to bring a wreath to pay their respects to their parents back home. It's a big deal.”

Do you have anyone to talk to these days?

Aren't you afraid to speak out and men will know?
“Why do you hide it? Of course you should keep it. I don't like to deceive anyone.”

Do we have a type of man?
“Now I'm losing to an intelligent person. You can talk to us verbally and look outside and inside (mind and personality) together.”

Is there anyone who will be ready to date soon?
“You don't have it yet”

What do you think of people who tell us that changing your boyfriend is often a waste of your life?
“Why? It is better to live and learn than to live dry. The head of the ladder is never dry.”

Beautiful, sweet beer with a sour secret?
“If Beer talked to a man and who would look into his eyes? He would be like the world stopped. In the end, he didn't dare to make eye contact. Beer just feels that if we want him to charm us. He looks into his eyes. Be yourself as much as possible.”

He said she's evil, doesn't she secretly come here?
“It can't just be bad.” Do I have to have poor eyesight too? “I can't help it, because it's a gift I've been given since birth.”

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