France: “The Other Jubilee affair”, a puzzle for investigators


Lesline, who went missing in 2018 at the age of 39, has yet to be found. Her husband, who testified before the denial, was released last Thursday.

Lesline has been missing for three and a half years.

Lesline has been missing for three and a half years.

Haute-Vienne Departmental Gendarmerie Group

The case was rarely publicized The dolphin jubilee has disappeared, But the similarities between the two stories are strange. Last Thursday, Herv r. He was released almost a year later on a charge of murdering his wife, Lesline. BFM-TV. The trial court of the Limoges Court of Appeals ruled that the man was not in danger of escaping and that his release would not affect the trial. The man under judicial supervision should not reside in his former city and has no right to contact his children.

To better understand the “other jubilee affair”, you need to go back to the end of 2018. The mother of two, who works in a small shop near Brive-la-Gaillarde (south-west), said Lesline did not go well. She and her husband often have conflicts and drink alcohol. Are planning to divorce. On December 30, the Thirty left their family home in Las Vegas after a new argument. She will never appear again. Herv reports that his wife went missing and his car was found two days later, damaged. During an intensive search, officers found belongings belonging to Lesline, including a lip balm floating on the surface of the pool.

Confessions, then a flashback

The husband of the missing person is soon considered a suspect. As in the Jubilee case, the man tried to reach his wife after he left, but it was not possible to land him for several hours. On May 10, 2021, he finally confessed to killing his wife. Cedric Jubiller, He continues to claim innocence. Before the judge, Herv r. He repeats his version: he chased his wife in the car, she had an accident, and then the two argued fiercely until he was severely beaten. The person mentions that Leslin’s body was placed on a tree. Then he retreats. According to the husband’s lawyer, many material elements did not match his confession.

“Today, my client denies any involvement in his wife’s disappearance,” Ms Vincent Desport insists. The ball is now in the court of the trial judge. In light of the ongoing analyzes and future restructuring, he may dismiss the case or dismiss Herv ஆர் R. Michael Michael Laprose, a lawyer for the father of the missing and a brother of the missing, protested, saying “it was too early to release him while the investigation was ongoing.” The defense attorney recalled that he was physically absent from the scene of the crime. A new point in common with the dolphin jubilee affair.


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