France: Marine Le Pen says RN’s “natural candidate” for 2027


Marine Le Pen says RN’s “natural candidate” for 2027

Marine Le Pen has not yet officially confirmed her candidacy for the 2027 presidential election, there is no doubt about that.


Marine Le Pen, Monday 18 September 2023 at 8pm on TF1 set.


“I am the natural candidate of my camp” in 2027: By declaring her candidacy for the next presidential election, or almost, Marine Le Pen on Monday wanted to clarify the distribution of roles with Jordan Bardella. Minister if successful. The far-right leader’s departure at 8pm on TF1 is certainly no surprise: until then, he was privately content to use shriveled words. Must be’.

But he aims to put an end to guesswork, rumours, and predictions, sometimes even in national rallies, backed by polls — backed by the popularity of his young cub, who succeeded him last year and once as party leader. RN will lead the list for the Europeans again next June.

Matignon liked Bartella

Could it take its turn in 2027? On Monday evening, the thrice-defeated candidate for the Elysee replied: “Unless I decide otherwise, not for now.” Before pledging: “I am the natural candidate of my camp for the presidential election”.

This intervention completes the clarification of roles launched this weekend, during the summer universities of the National Rally: many journalists questioned a rumor told to Marine Le Pen of the intention to appoint Jordan Bardella to Matignon if he wins in 2027. Both interested parties were initially content to deny it, laughing.

“Yes, Jordan Bartella would be a good prime minister,” Marine Le Pen said later on Saturday evening in front of France 5 cameras, in a scene broadcast on Monday. “In the perspective of 2027 there is a desire for complementarity”, explained the personalities of the RN in recent weeks, while Jordan Bartella confirms a form of independence that, at the age of 23 in 2019, he was already driven. Europeans, but under the control of Marine Le Pen.

“Three Moves Ahead”

Henceforth, whoever comes out on top in June’s elections authorizes himself to shake up the Lebanonist taxa by presenting a new division between “authority” and “powers” as an essential milestone in the seizure of power. When Jean-Marie Le Pen’s daughter theorized the conflict between, while rejecting the “right” and “left” dichotomy.

A shame? “No, everything will come together,” swears the leaders of the former National Front, according to which the “twins” perform the written score in concert, “each can sometimes improvise, because they are both talented.” If Jordan Bartella launches appeals to the right, personally calling on his troops to “remake the UMP”, Marine Le Pen welcomes this ‘expansion effort’, even if he adapts his speech to better charm the small bosses. This did not particularly affect its popular electoral base. Therefore, it is difficult to find real opponents of Jordan Bartella within the management of RN.

President Le Pen’s strategy of projecting him as future prime minister, on the other hand, raised the eyebrows of some of them, smelling a trap: until then “inexperience” and “youth” insisted on the MEP. To justify his inability to run in 2027, Marinistas have given their political opponents weapons to outlaw the ticket, they fear. “Le Pen is the best,” says one loyalist, “however, we are always three steps ahead.”

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