France – Germanwings plane crash: Case closed


At the end of the trial, the judges ruled that no one knew what the co-pilot had committed.

In 2015, 150 people were killed in a Germanwings plane crash in the Alps caused by a depressed co-pilot.


In the French Alps in 2015, a German company Germanwings’ plane crashed during a crash that killed 150 people and an accident that killed 150 people by a depressed co-pilot.

The dismissal order was issued on February 21 by the vice presidents in charge of the “Marseille court’s joint crash division” (southern) investigation, according to a document confirming information in the French daily “Aujourd’hui”. .

Unpredictable co-pilot

It closes the investigation opened against X following the crash “for murder by natural person and legal person” and complies with the demands of the Marseille Attorney’s Office.

On March 24, 2015, on flight 4U9525 en route from Barcelona to Dசsseldorf, 27-year-old Andreas Lupitz, a co-pilot on antidepressants, took advantage of the captain’s temporary absence and threw the device out of the cockpit. , An Airbus A320, against a mountain in the Hautes-Alpes.

The crash killed 144 passengers from 19 countries, mostly Germans (72) and Spaniards (50) and Mr. Six employees, including Lupitz.

There is no other manager

At the end of the trial, the judges said, “Andreas Lupitz’s gesture is unpredictable and his suicide intent is unknown. Therefore, no one can act above the law to avoid the March 24, 2015 law, ”the government said.

The judges wrote in their order that “gross negligence on the part of the Germanwings, Lufthansa or its officers or staff, or deliberate breach of duty or protection imposed by law or regulation, cannot be prosecuted.” .


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