France: Decapitated and mutilated body leaves residents in shock


FranceHeadless and mutilated corpse, people in shock

People are still in disbelief after the gruesome discovery of a young woman’s limbless or headless body in Meurthe-et-Moselle on Monday.

The body was found behind an abandoned building.

Vincent Lescott

The atmosphere was heavy on Monday afternoon Terrible discovery The naked and mutilated body of a young woman in Meerthe-et-Moselle (F) in Mont-Saint-Martin (a border town between Belgium and Luxembourg). Around the Bleuets shopping center in the Val district, dozens of stunned onlookers gathered a few steps from the disused mall where the gruesome discovery was made, in a relatively busy area.

“It’s hard to believe. We are very shocked to see this. Thinking of this poor woman and her family. How can we do that?” exclaimed a young man, who could see what was left. It was discovered by a sixteen-year-old boy shortly after 1 p.m. Firefighters rescued him who was in shock. “At first he thought it was a model,” says another witness. To add: “We’ve never seen it. This sort of thing reminds me of the cartels in South America. You only see it on television.

There is no chaotic disappearance in this sector

When the scientific police arrived at the scene in the afternoon, the police quickly cordoned off the perimeter wall.

Contacting the mayor of the city, “Lorraine Actu”, Serge de Carly noted that “the body was not touched by animals, it seems to have been recently deposited”. It added, “There have been no reports of alarming disappearances in the sector.” According to the mayor, the deposit may have been made from another country. At present, no element can confirm or confirm this hypothesis.

For some traders, it cannot go unnoticed during the busy Sunday market the day before.

(Yannis Bouaraba / Essential)

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