France – A reminder of the law to the woman who filmed the Lelandois trial


In the process of posting the video on social networks forty, pay 100 euros.

Nordahl Lelandais was sentenced to 22 years in prison with life imprisonment.


A woman who posted on Facebook a video taken during Nordal Lelandois’ trial in early February has been reported to be reminded of the law, and a citizen must pay 100 euros in contributions, the Grenoble public prosecutor said Wednesday.

“See the accused”

The 40-year-old woman was questioned by police on Tuesday and summoned before a Grenoble prosecutor’s representative on Wednesday, who told her she was “reminded of the law and forced to pay 100 euros under citizen. Contribution,” prosecutor Eric Wyland said in a statement.

Video: “Eternity is what we took when Malice was not there.”

During a wedding in August 2017, the prosecutor announced a fourth day of trial on Feb. 3, when he tried to kill 8-year-old little Maëlys, “as we can see in the video. The accused”.

“Marathi Runway”

Nordahl Lelandais’ lawyer, Me Alain Jakubowicz, was outraged during the trial, and during the trial, his client was sentenced on Friday to 22 years in prison with a criminal sentence.

Video: “I ask you to declare Nordal Lelandois a major criminal.”

The 40-year-old man, who took a selfie in the courtroom during the same trial, destroyed it at the request of the security forces, “the attorney general was summoned in March to remind him of the law. And a citizen’s contribution of 50 euros,” Eric Wyland pointed out.


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